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Desc:The episode written by Warren Ellis, featuring the heroic exploits of... The Atom?
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Superman, cartoons, Superheroes, justice league, The Atom
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Comment count is 13
that guy riding the pegasus always makes me giggle. who the hell is that guy anyway?
That would be Shining Knight.

Everyone act surprised that Batman is prepared for an alien invasion.
I thought this episode was boring when it first came out, but I didn't realize how much it set up for later episodes. It even tied into "Batman: Return of the Joker", which aired years before.

The Atom sounds a little too much like Stormy.

Also, visible in part 3 at 5:08 and at the end -- that's Gypsy. Apparently, Jew and Injun weren't available.
Look, if sword hits and arrows destroy them, I'm pretty sure a nuclear strike won't so much "scatter" as "disintegrate".

The Atom is the best one, because he is a physicist.
I love how Superman always acts so worried...like his safety is at risk or something

"I need both hands, Professor Palmer." Wonder Woman says as she tucks the tiny hero in her cleavage.

Yeah, I can see you writing that, Ellis.
Guys hold off on blasting the source to hell. We're gonna wait on a guy getting inside and punching it.
Caminante Nocturno
Batman wants to remind his fellow teammates that he can't fly. They tend to take that sort of thing for granted sometimes.
punch drunk babies
Booster Gold... stifling my laughter here... oh screw it HAHAHA his name is like some brand of toothpaste
joffe b
to be fair, that was intentional. Booster Gold is the lovable douche who wants to get toothpaste endorsements for punching aliens. Also he's a janitor from the future.

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