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Desc:Every action movie cliche you want, in under two minutes.
Category:Trailers, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:low blow, troy donahue, fists
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Comment count is 13
"Man's most powerful weapon is still his fist.....backed up by a lot of guns, bars, 2X4s, circular saws, etc..."
...and yet, nary a nutshot to be seen in the trailer. Strange.
0:46 counts, no?

Holy shit.

Tuan Jim
Driving through a wall of cardboard boxes which have mysteriously been placed in the middle of the road.

I can see some flunky of the Evil Organization being all like, "But I SPENT ALL DAY STACKING THOSE!" and brushing away a tear.
"Where are you taking me?"
"Someplace where the sun always shines."
"Oh boy! We're going to Miami Beach!"
That's much better than the place that other guy wanted me to shove my head, where the sun DOESN'T shine!

"Outer space? Wait, you have a rocket ship?!"

Is the guy in the pre-load looking all dumbfounded that he let himself get trapped into a wrecked car by an insane chinaman with a circular saw, is he the same dude giving the Titanic a double-take next to Cheech in Ghostbusters 2?
Starring Leo Fong. Directed by Leo Fong. Written by Leo Fong.
Look out! You're about to drive into a neatly stacked, one layer deep wall of empty boxes!!!
The Mothership
Stars for the production company: Action Communications Inc. indeed!
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