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Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:kids, british, Splash, puddle
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Resubmit:Time Travel Mishap

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Time Travel Mishap
I would like to be good friends with this man. I would like that very very much.
Maybe then you could post bail for him one day when he hydroplanes and takes out a crowd of innocent children

Just kidding this is pretty classic

Upperclassmen used to do this to underclassmen who walked to lunch at my high school when the snow would start to melt and leave lots of slush in the gutters. Then one day a particular senior attempting this tradition caught a rut in the ice, hopped the curb and crashed right through this fence:


and went end over into the concrete drainage ditch, somehow completely missing all the nearby students in the process. I only got there as they were winching this guy's mom's pontiac out of the creek but I can only imagine how fast the switch from pure terror to sidesplitting laughter was on the face of those freshmen

Ha, must have happened again as I see they installed some concrete barriers along the sidewalk now

Some fucker in a lexus did that to me once while i was waiting for the tram. Fuck him and fuck this guy. I hope crashed in the nearest tree.
I did this to someone on accident once. I felt really bad, but I couldn't help but laugh.
Caminante Nocturno
It's never fully by accident.

Highlight of my day while working for a car-rental place in Portland.

Are you a herd of wild antelope? Then you may stand idly at the edge of a body of water, peacefully grazing and drinking.

If you are not a herd of wild antelope, move away from the body of water or you're going to get exactly what you deserve.
Jet Bin Fever
I had to laugh, but I am ashamed.
Female laughter in the background, let's see how they feel when someone does this to their kids.
It's just water, you crybaby.

The Townleybomb
Brilliant, Mr. Douchebrit!
Jake Snake
oh shit!!!!!!!!!
Lies, lies, LIES!
I feel dirty.
Are these "chavs?"
no these are the guys who go on about how chavs are ruining Britain

Frank Rizzo
everything about this video was perfect

I feel bad for laughing.
This guys should narrate for every motorist being a dick ever.
I feel good about myself for laughing at this.
Walt Henderson
Finally, someone who's honest and/or doesn't have an overblown guilt complex.

I hate to burst everyone's "Mr. Douchebag Brit Driver" bubble...But based on the proximity of voices to the camera and placement of said camera, the woman giggling is most likely the driver. Unless the driver is stony silent and the giggling woman is in the back seat.

In any case, the douche with the camera CAN'T be driving, because the steering wheel is on the right in Britain.

I want to laugh, but these kinds of British made my school days hell when I was there. I fucking despise them.
My erection! You ruined my erection! I'm telling Mommy!

Oh, so it was Miss. BITCH Brit Driver. Good for her.

I definitely prefer the "stonily silent driver" theory

a grim, gaunt, silent man at the wheel of a Vauxhall

years of careful planning and hydrological surveys resulting in a perfect knowledge of all of England's puddles

waiting... waiting... to STRIKE

Simian Pride
These stars are for the commentary.
this guy's laugh is what makes this perfectly acceptable to laugh at
Albuquerque Halsey
Imagine it as Vivian from The Young Ones.
Viv would have clipped the kid & then backed over it.

Now -this- is a prank.
My brother had a car that had a huge fountain when you turned on the windshield wiper spray so you could nail people who thought they were safe by avoiding the puddles.
Pip pip! Takin' the wee lorry out for a sploosh!
I laughed and am not ashamed
Fur is Murder
Billy Idol, no!
Sucks for those kids. 5 stars!
Now that's fun. Until one of those kids steps out into traffic at the last minute, like a sacrificial lamb.
Sammy Barnathan
Driver to face possible court action, according to Sky News.


The judge should add some commentary in the same vein when handing down the penalty. "I see a fine coming up ahead, oh it's a big one, yeah, 500 quid, yeeeeaahh! Oh! That was awesome! Bahahahahahahaha!"

It would only be right.


Now I can five star this. Picking on kids is the worst.

Thank god. Hopefully this will deter the dreaded wetness from ever reaching children again.

I would love to be splashed like that, whoever complained to the police about that should forget to look both ways across a motorway.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Rudo Magnifico
Five stars because I've seen this go badly for the splasher in person. They splashed a big black guy and then after audibly laughing about it on the escape, unexpectedly hit a red light half a block down.

They ended up running the light and set off the red light camera.
Dick move.
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