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Desc:What a lovely little show
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:ugly, pretty, gender, flapjack, brian Doyle-Murray
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Comment count is 35
K'nuckles is hands down the best role model for an ugly girl or a pretty boy or anything in between.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I always did think his relationship with Flapjack seemed a bit inappropriate.

When you say your funny things
You make me chuckle
You're my best friend
Cap'n K'nuckles
Well I can agree with that. It certainly backs up my argument that Rachel Maddow isn't a woman.
Women that don't like penis confuse you, don't they?

Say what you will about us lefties but you leave Rachel out of it!

She's not only a man, she's also a liar.

Maggot Brain
She certainly has more balls then you.

Leave the talking heads out of it. Flapjack doesn't need this kind of crap.

by Cap'n K'nuckles definition you are probably the manliest person most people will ever meet

Corman's Inferno
She's still less manlike than Ann Coulter.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Cena, why are you watching clips of cartoons for little kids? Do you even care about credibility anymore? Did you ever?

Rachel Maddow/Ann Coulter fanfiction time!

Caminante Nocturno
These are the lessons he learned on the sea.
Its not that she doesn't like penis. Its the fact that she looks like a man and has manly hobbies. I saw her on Conan and she's talking about fishing and baseball. And she's a very angry person. Anger is a masculine emotion.
Caminante Nocturno
Looks like you missed the target, hot shot.


Oh no! Short hair on a female! SHE MUST ACTUALLY BE A DUDE.

split tail
'Anger is a masculine emotion'

something tells me you haven't been with too many women

j lzrd / swift idiot
Cena, I think you may have confused a clip of a children's cartoon show with CNN.

No surprise, but really, try to stay over there, in the relevent videos for your vitriol. How are we supposed to take you seriously otherwise?

aren't you that fat shit who bragged about how much he hated philosophy to me

Now it looks like you missed the target... LOL.

And yes I do hate philosophy because in the end its just like religion. People can debate it all they want, but in the end people just pick and choose what they want from philosophy. Its all just subjective drivel. People have been discussing philosophy back since the toga times and very little has come of it.

Plus philosophy majors are mostly douches. Except for Dalton.

fat dongs slapping your tender mouth

ya'll, shut up.

shut up shut up shut up.

i don't want your stupid stupid bickering that goes NOWHERE to ruin flapjack.

can't you see that flapjack is bigger than this?

I was TOTALLY going to own cm right here but I'll lay down my guns

Rodents of Unusual Size


Keefu did you just say, "I was TOTALLY going to own cm right there, but I'm a pussy."

you are without a doubt the most boring troll on this site. even Enjoy manages to be semi-interesting most of the time and he's not even trying that hard.

if you were in prison, the other inmates would fall asleep in the middle of raping you.

These belong to Discrete. I am asking permission to borrow that insult for future conversations. The insult about falling asleep during raping.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Cena, if you would just upload videos to the hopper, you wouldn't have to click on children's cartoon clips of all things to spout off in.

aaand with that last comment I come away from this happy, entertained and laughing out loud..

oh, I missed the target too
It occurred to me while watching this that I can't say I remember ever seeing a kids cartoon where you saw a woman's brastrap before (it's not in this clip, but that's one of the things that clues Flapjack in as to Cammie's sex).
Freeman Gordon
Caster Semenya
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