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Desc:He-She-It kinda looks like Janice from The Muppet Show and like her enjoys a arm up the ass.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:crossdressing, nightmare fuel, tranny
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Comment count is 17
The Townleybomb
Girl that Jocelyn Wildenstein look is FIERCE!
Syd Midnight
That was my first reaction too. Then I stopped the video.

Adham Nu'man
Salina Chestbutt.
I see it-- coming here-- hell-wind-- titan-blur-- black wings-- Yog-Sothoth save me-- the three-lobed burning eye...

I'd give you another one for using the correct "titan-blur" instead of the public domain "titan-blue" if I could.

Her mouth is upside-down!
made from leftover dick parts

The description is spot-on. Janice indeed.
In addition to ruining her face by injecting play-doh, the stars are for turning the music up so loud it just sounds like a buzz half the time, obsuring her speech.
Imagine the smell of that room. Sandlewood incense, nicotine, Ed Hardy perfume, juicy fruit wrappers, and dried lube.
At what point does someone cross into that weird parody of a woman zone? That point where they must think, "Yeah, feminine is good. But pig-faced womanesque would be PERFECT!!"
most trannies are more a parody of woman than they are woman

James Woods
man, awesome observation.

Syd Midnight
I hope the submitter was referring to "transvestites" because that would make more sense

I think its actually one of those woman-masks. I don't want to explain the breasts.

Thanks to the internet, the fallout from the 'nineties' generation will never be forgotten.
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