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Desc:I hope they don't ruin this scene in the remake
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:kung fu, last dragon, berry gordy, the last dragon, taimak
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Comment count is 12
They will destroy this scene in the remake. It'll be all auto-tuned and have Jackie Chan clips.

I love this movie.
How could they ever possibly improve on it? Anything other than just cutting and pasting this entire sequence into the remake will be a disastrous failure.

(possible exception: something involving the Wu-Tang Clan.)

Is "The Glow" superior to "The Touch?" Is it possible to have the glow and the touch at the same time?
Rape Van Winkle
No no, silly. Rodimus prime has lasers, not kung fu.

The remake will suck.
Caminante Nocturno
This movie was too good to have been made by mere humans.
Bruce Leeroy will be remade in CGI with a rocking soundtrack and wire fu in bullet-time.
Fuck a remake.

Last Dragon 4 EVA.
In the final scene, our protagonist will have his virgin kiss in an abandoned warehouse that has been redesigned to project a montage of Bruce Lee kicking and answering the telephone intercut with lightning, sunsets and flowers. Meanwhile, two black children and a troll will look on from the rafters.

Why do I get the feeling the script was written on someone's hand and told to the actors as they filmed each scene?
Dude, this isn't even CLOSE to the final scene. This happens maaaaybe halfway through.

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