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Desc:Ball's in your court, Russia.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:drinking, alcohol, dude you ok, poisoning
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Comment count is 20
punch drunk babies - 2009-11-20
Dude no bro dont do it bro dude dude bro dont do it dude
DUUDE dont do it bro dude dont do it DAVE dave bro dont
do it
ztc - 2009-11-20
go on pussy drink the whole thing

sosage - 2009-11-20
The only winner that night was the stomach pump...
Lindner - 2009-11-20
Was that Butthead in the background saying, "I think he needs to throw up. huh huh huh"?

manfred - 2009-11-20
dude man

Interesting fact: Timothy Leary studied at UA
oddeye - 2009-11-20
Someone really shouldn't have let him keep drinking.
zatojones - 2009-11-20
while they waited for the ambulance they all took pictures with their dicks in his mouth
joyofdiscord - 2009-11-20
I like how the dude who started out expressing concern for Dave's well-being finally just gives up and starts egging him on to finish the thing.

This is an excellent way to ruin the rest of the party for everyone else and maybe die.
Rudy - 2009-11-20
Ah, Everclear. I remember drinking shots of it mixed with strawberry daiquiri mix in a trailer park one night during my misspent youth. It's still the only time I've ever passed out on my feet. Good times.
Cube - 2009-11-20
Everclear seems to turn people into blurry red dots.
Desidiosus - 2009-11-20
25 minutes after you drink it, all you see are Christmas lights.

Charles - 2009-11-20
-2 for Brobra's camera not having fucking night vision. Or at least a light. Isn't that standard by now? I need to see dave rolling on the pavement in puddles of his own vomit.
detc - 2009-11-20
I don't think he'd be doing much of anything on the driveway besides lying there while his organs shut down.

TimidAres - 2009-11-20
This kid is shit compared to his russian counterpart.

The after sequence is also much more gratifying.
Colonel Cowlung - 2009-11-20
I've seen more than one person down a bottle of vodka in real life. It's impressive. I've never seen anyone even try it with Everclear.

1/2 bottle of Everclear (@190 proof) > full bottle of vodka (@ 80 proof)

Ageusiatic - 2009-11-20
Half of a 750ml bottle is roughly eight shots, which since it's everclear, would be more like sixteen.

According to iDrink, 16 shots in a half hour if you're male and weigh 160lbs would give you a BAC of 0.344. "Death possible" according to wikipedia!

memedumpster - 2009-11-20
This has got to be fake. He would have been alarmed as shit at how his mouth suddenly felt like napalm had it after the first three chugs.
THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-11-20
One time I violated the rugby dry day rule by doing a shot of everclear the night before the game. I couldn't find a shot glass so I used a candle holder and accidentally aspirated the entire thing. I wasnt able to breathe right for a week and I spent the game writhing in pain on the sidelines coughing blood.
kanyakumari - 2010-09-16
Whenever I read the meme "I accidentally the whole thing" from now on I will insert "aspirated".

Thanks, yo.

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2009-11-21
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