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Desc:The worst part is there's more of these
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Furries, nightmare fuel, improper use of technology
Submitted:holly bibble
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Comment count is 34
Well, the 70s porn music makes me a little suspicious of where he's going with this.
Furry weirdness aside, I think this thing is pretty cool. I want a mask like this, but with a WH40K Ork head, with pointy teeth!
Sudan no1

I'd wear a mask like this if it was an indistinguishable replica of my own head, only 60% larger and with a glass panel in the front so you could see my brain sloshing about.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Let me know when they've build a M.O.D.O.K. face

I would love for my halloween costume one year to be me, but 66% larger.

Apparently you're drunk but this is a fucking awesome idea.

Time Travel Mishap
I'm glad that I'm not the only 1 who looked at this and thought it was kinda cool. There was, of course, a point in my life where that is all I would think when I saw something like this. Back before I knew what a furry was. I miss that. I wish I could look at this thing and not know that it will end up being used for some very bizarre, clumsy, and probably painful oral sex.

Wes Anderson, eat your heart out.
a flaming monkey
aw fuck... not this shit.
I wonder if in the near future , the most obsessed furries will be able to get 'fur surgery.' Kind of like a sex change, but that turns them into real animal people. And then the next step would of course be be a furry sex change, where those male furries who want to be a female fox can finally realise their dream (and vice versa). And then animals will be able to turn into people, and it will breathe new life into the vegetarian campaign, but nevertheless, people will get addicted to furry meat and contract the most debilitating encephalitis ever.
...this is the first step on that inevitable road.
That savory, smoky-rich road.

You should read transmetropolitian.

You've been reading furry fanfics haven't you?

Nah, by that time the most delicious meats will be coming straight out of the box, shaped directly as a cube, delivered straight to your living domicile unit from the meat cloning factories.

No animals harmed, no environment slash and burn forestry. This could be possible now if we redirected the right research grants.
Give it time, give it time.

Also, then, we can go and set PETA to the torch. The are evil and I rarely use the word.



a flaming monkey
well, aren't we the optimist? Meat cubes for everyone in a furry utopia?
No, my friend, there will be blood. Gallons. There will be furpocalypse. Gallons of it.
a flaming monkey
Oh. This was meant to be a reply to witty pop culture reference. I did things wrongly though.

Apart of me just wants to believe that there's nothing horribly fucked up behind this. This guy's just making a high tech mask for a mascot costume, or a children's movie, or for a job at Disneyland. Those moveable jaws weren't designed to blow a bunch of cocks. They weren't.

Oh god, the last ten seconds.
I defy you to tell me if that's a man or woman in there
It's a woman, believe it or not.

Apparently, she and her husband make these for a living to sell to furries.
http://mixedcandymascots.com/gallery/v/aquatic+animals/orca/no rmal_DSC_3251.jpg.html
This orca, for example, complete with nipples.

i was about to post a smartass comment and then i read "This orca, for example, complete with nipples."

i'm certainly not clicking on it but you get five.

*pierced* nipples

if that's not a sign of social decay, i don't know what is

This is why China is kicking our ass -- we're too busy trying to make everything taste like bacon and designing fake wolf heads for furry conventions.
What? No, concave eyes that follow you around?
Nothing will ever be right again.
okay, ladies?

get yourself a bit in the mood here. you've been wined, you've been dined. you're a little drunk and flustered, and he fucking -wants- you.

you get back to his place, and you barely get through the doorway, tearing you clothes off each other, madly and passionately. you press against each other.

and after about an hour, the two of you are still going at it. you're a little sore, a little tired, and he's taking you from behind. he strokes your hair gently, and runs his fingers down your back, causing shivers to run down your spine. you look over your shoulder just to see what he looks like

and looking back at you is this mask, with it's jaw hanging open
just flopping open and closed as he thrusts

Man if you have to comment yourself just to keep your lurid little fantasy going, you've already lost the game of life.

that was the ending of the story that was omitted

also you are a butt

a drunk butt

god youre dumb.

Five stars for a video that got three comments (including this one) out of a 2/3 drunk Camonk
The Townleybomb
"The worst part is there's more of these" really needs to be a tag, if not an entire category.
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