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Desc:maria bamford does her thing and gets paid for it.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:commercials, Target, maria bamford
Submitted:mumbly joe
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Oooo! One more!

Caminante Nocturno
That's how a polite lady reacts.

Wow, I caught this at some point had no idea that was her. Apparently there's a few of them.
its her ability to change her voice. most of the time you aren't watching the commerical so you dont even notice.

My favorite of all actors/comics/whatever are those who can be transformed damn near completely out of all recognition. The Bammer crosses that barrier for me.
I like comics based on how funny they are, personally.

Good thing she's that, too.

Maggot Brain
She needed to money to afford her meds.
we all need to money for the same reason

Midnight Man
Thi would be way better if it wa about her dad
The ads where she plays an apathetic sister at the same time are even better.
Don't just brag about 'em, short pants. Find 'em on youtube and put them here. You are our manservant. Chop fucking chop.

Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
according to her Facebook updates, she is donating a portion of the money she made from "selling out" and encouraging all of us to "buy sweatshop free, buy union" in spite of her endorsement of a big box retailer.

I love this woman on so many levels.
I'm glad I didn't pull out the ol' Bill Hicks quote on this one, then. This bird is alllllll right.

If the Bammer and Amy Sedaris ever entered the same room, a supercritical mass would be achieved.
Would fucking in a Target changeroom be the same as fucking in a Zellar's changeroom?
Busby Berkeley
This is for commenters actually using pet names for celebritites.
KnowFuture and I were merely exchanging a secret wink that we had viewed the internet shorts all the way to the end, where MB was credited as "the Bammer". Its her pet name for herself, not ours.

punch drunk babies
Oh its her! From Comedians of Comedy! Oooh! Oooh!
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