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Desc:Spectacular lighting effects convey sensuality and madness.
Category:Short Films, Arts
Tags:60s, France, 1964, Romy Schneider, Henri-Georges Clouzot
Submitted:Busby Berkeley
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Comment count is 17
good lord, the slinky
Slinky sex

What rolls down pairs, all over her hairs,
and makes a slinkity sound?

For fun it's a wonderful toy.

As if this was ever really intended to be a feature - Clouzot obviously just wanted to film Romy Shneider with a slinky on her snatch.
Her skin glows like diamonds! She must be a vampire!
Somehow I misread her name as Rob Schneider.
Spike Jonez
Romy Schneider is... The Hot Chick.

AFAIK, there really never was a mainstream or even art venue film that fully embraced the moving color abstractions of 50s shorts.
Blolf Witzer
I have never wanted to not have skin or smoke a cigarette less in my life.
But for some reason you have an uncontrollable urge to fuck a slinky, amirite?

He would never give up his sheep.

Jeff Fries
Very interesting, I had no idea this existed.
This was going to be made by David Lynch wasn't it.
Pretty awesome GPU demo.
Banal Intercourse
Someday we will have the processing power to fully animate Romy Schneider banging the Nvidia pixie with a Slinky at over 60 fps.

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