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Desc:The Iraqi Police each get one Magic Bullet
Tags:Iraq, Police, Karate, gun fight
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Comment count is 18
The terrorists were trying to steal Iraq.
Luckily, without electricity, no Iraqi will ever see this abomination.
Calamity Jon
Wait, are they promoting jobs with the Iraqi Police on the premise that children will respect you, or on the premise that you will really become a martial arts superstar if you join up?
Is this an ad for the police force, or the newest Iraqi Buddy Cop film?
This is how Bush seriously thinks it is.
Hell, judging by the word "terrorizer" being in there (and his penchant for awkwardly turning verbs into nouns), Bush could have actually written this himself.

Somehow I don't think kids in Iraq are all "yo dogg my dad's a cop". I think that draws *a little too much attention* to yourself.
I like that "Allah!" translates as "Wow!"
They missed the part about AQI chopping off his dad's head, or his dad warning the Sadrists that the Marines were about to find their weapons cache
2 to 1 that everyone in this commercial is murdered within the year.

Stll the best official police video I've ever seen.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Can we start a propaganda week, pleeeeease?

+a star cluster for the ultra-cheap 300-style ramping.
Caminante Nocturno
This is the second most depressing commercial I've ever seen, right after that Irish anti-speeding ad.
Pie Boy
Unintentionally, grimly hilarious.
this is fucking horrible
this is the worst thing that we have on this fucking website

j lzrd / swift idiot
Possibly. That's a pretty big call to be making.

Collaboration never looked so good!
Old People
I worked with the IPs once. During a firefight in a palm grove, we captured an insurgent who's been lightly wounded in the arm, and turned him over to the IPs for safekeeping until we could cart him off in the paddywagon (a converted humvee) after the fight was over. When we came to get him, we found him lying in the flatbed of the IP pickup truck, quite dead. Their explanation was "oh meester, he die from all his blood come out".
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