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Desc:R. Kelly eats a cookie.
Category:Educational, Classic TV Clips
Tags:R. Kelly, cookie, r. belly, sex in the kitchen, put that girl in my kitchen
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Comment count is 9
bongoprophet - 2009-12-02
In my country it is forbidden to see the eating of a cookie by the R. Kelly
positively - 2009-12-02
God Bless America.

socialist_hentai - 2009-12-02
In my country it is also forbidden to see the eating of a cookie by the R. Kelly.

phalsebob - 2009-12-02
In my country, the cookie eats R. Kelly.

Dinkin Flicka - 2009-12-02
Christ on a crutch, Double Up came out in 2007? Where does the time go...
voodoo_pork - 2009-12-02
If R. Kelly's not taking a piss on someone/something, it's a waste of video.

+1 for the last two seconds.
Sudan no1 - 2009-12-02
yeah he shoulda ate a urinal cookie.

kiint - 2009-12-02
the word you're searching for is "cake", as in urinal cake

moist and creamy

Rosebeekee - 2009-12-02
This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.

Goddamn it Nabisco.
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