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Desc:first furries and now..
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:diapers, talk show, tyra, diaper fetish, akward
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Comment count is 21
Stopped watching after a minute.

I can think of few things less attractive than diapers.
So you mean it didn't turn you on? I guess we failed to arouse Hooker yet again. Try harder, POETV.

We've pretty much tried everything to give that picky bastard a boner. I'm guessing he's impotent and takes it out on our videos.

How did you possibly take that to mean I demand poeTV try to turn me on whenever I come here? I was just expressing bafflement over diaper fetishes.

Glenn or Glennda
Clearly, you baffle easily.

Yeah tyra needs to get stuff/ppl thats more freaky. Zomg diapers! Pfft.
Syd Midnight
Tyra needs to spend less time on defecation-oriented hobbies.

Jesus christ I think she's pretty hot too. She has to be an actor...has to be...
Yeah, only ugly people should be allowed to be deviants. wtf? you trollin?

Glenn or Glennda
I love the fact that they got a hot girl. It makes the whole thing seem less judgemental. I've already seen ridiculous middle aged male diaper fetishists on Real Sex. They're practically a staple.

Doctor Arcane
So Tyra is like PoE for the unwashed masses?
Wait until she gets Christopher Weston Chandler on her show.

She watches a lot of 'Totally Spies!' too?!?

She's a Nicolas Cage fan too?

I really think it makes more sense as PoE is Tyra for the unwashed masses.

Did anyone else hear "MMMMMM OOOHHHH YEEEAAAH" in their heads while she was slowly pulling up the diaper? Her boyfriend is the only one not wearing an enigmatic sign.
The evilest part of this is Tyra's euphemism for urination.
Is that same blonde, puckerfaced dolt of a woman just holographically projected from some central artificial pseudo-intelligent mainframe somewhere? I swear there's six of her on Fox News and two more on CNN, plus all the versions running the talk-show circuit. Do we need this many "Victoria 'Dear God Shut The Fuck Up' Zdoraks? DO WE?

This girl has had some metal trauma in her past, probably was either raped, or beat or both.

Either way there is a serious issue at work here. Just look at her mannerisms. She can barely make eye contact, and is developmenatly stunted.

dicktatortot knows this from experience.

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