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Desc:Uecker discusses the furry convention during a baseball radio broadcast
Tags:Furries, baseball, convention, uecker
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Joad Cressbeckler is back to claim rightful title as most ornery pundit alive
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Frank Rizzo

Furriers, come out and playeeaayyyyy...

punch drunk babies
bulb for you

Rodents of Unusual Size
No Bob, you really aren't looking forward to it.

You really aren't.
Syd Midnight
He went and spent the next game cracking jokes and telling stories about how gross the furry convention was, hopefully someone will post that part.

I couldn't make it past the furpile at 3:51. That's when my brain shut down and refused to let me watch anymore.
Doctor Arcane
This is how boring baseball is. Even the announcers are barely paying attention.
Syd Midnight
Haha someone hits a 3-run home run and within seconds they're back to making furry jokes

I'm disapointed, I thought it said Bob Barker.
Syd Midnight
You can tell the exact moments when he tells an assistant to google the word "furry", and the assistant comes back all "you have got to see this", and they all grab their laptops and suddenly the whole booth goes silent
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