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Desc:One who is proud to be fat showcases many talents and abilities... including this one.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:breasts, fat man, hotpockets, Christopher Whitney
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Comment count is 19
Influence Device TIMR
I voted for this in the hopper, and am now five-starring it, based solely on the title, description, and preview image.

a better and braver man than me would have clicked play, but I dare not.
Yeah well tanks a zillion. There's absolutely nothing interesting about this sick fatty.

I exercised today. So I will take one for the team. Lock and load.

I voted it down because it's a DUPE with almost the same title.


Maybe the VARIETY of hot pockets is a clue as to why he has gorgeous breasts
Is this the same fat man as seen vomiting in the bathtub? He's like one-stop shopping for depravity.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
When I first clicked on this in the hopper i thought it was going to be a guy stealing them from a 7-11. I guess it's just a recreation.
He could get away with it if he really wanted to.

Two king-size plastic-wrapped Hot Pockets under his breasts.

No one would touch him because they would have to do two things:

1: Touch the fat man

2: Reach under his breasts to retrieve the Hot Pockets.

jesus fucking fuck
Not just tempting fate, but jerking a twenty away from it with a fishing rod.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
At least the ambulance crew will get a snack.

This is kind of a dupe but the original is now a dead link so here are your stars.
I was expecting him to pull them out from under his moobs unwrapped, and then eat them. Minus one star.

This would actually be a good way to carry a warm picnic lunch, except he probably never leaves the house.
Yeah i wanted that to happen too. Bummer.

oh...my...god. i don't think portal of evil has ever been/will ever be more evil to me.
you must have missed abscess week. i still have nightmares

needs a "7 deadly sins" tag.
The first thing that came to mind when I saw him from that perspective, is that if somehow his forearms were chopped off and replaced with fireball-shooting cannons. He would be a dead ringer for a mancubus.

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