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Desc:She explains her policy to local news
Category:Classic TV Clips, Fashion
Tags:Police, crazy, Mayor, the local news
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 25
James Woods
I'd tolchock her and run.
I'm imagining a Gotham City-esque influx of supervillains who will come to exploit this new policy.
The Townleybomb
That was a pretty good local news witticism at the end there, I have to admit.
This mayor is proof that democracy works.
Pootie too good! Pootie too good! Pootie too good!
You, sir, win everything, everywhere, at once, forever.

Hey stop running or I'll have to try to identify and put a warrant out on you and hope that you don't run when I come to serve it!
Hey, I didn't even think of that!

That guy has an awesome reporter voice. Just dripping with contempt. Apparently she overturned the ruling like, three days later.
It took that long for the mayor to realize that her "cops on jet packs" plan was not feasible.

The best part about the reversal video is the constant Joe Wilson name-dropping. It's only lacking the reaction shot with him putting his face in his hands.

* meant "sudden" not "constant"

he's got the douchiest voice I have ever heard

An elephant faithful, one hundred percent!
I hope the track team at the local high school is under constant supervision.
She issued this memo because her police force was getting injured too much from foot pursuits? What, is her police force The Keystone Cops or something?
The citizens of her little town better hope she takes good care of the light bulb in the Batsignal.
That's what you get for electing the old lady that sings on your church as mayor.
What a hilarious stereotype.

Just make sure all of the school teachers have guns. That solves everything.
I was really hoping the youtube comments would deliver, and they so did.

TheExiledKeeper (1 week ago)
This female is an imature bitch and has no buisiness being a mayor. undoubedly elected by "over compensators". "OH LOOK A BLACK WOMAN" "HOW SPECIAL, I'LL VOTE FOR HER". What she's really saying with this law is "POLICE MUST LET THE BLACK MAN RAPE STEAL AND MURDER.

She's mayor. She could just issue a memo that says "Let black men rape steal and murder" and the police would have to abide by it.

I know "crazy" is right there in the title, but holy shit.
christian voters
Rodents of Unusual Size
lol old people
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