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Desc:Les Claypool and Vince Ballew tell it like it is
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:Beards, primus, les claypool, pig hunt, testimonials
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Comment count is 13
chumbucket - 2010-01-07
augias - 2010-01-07
I'd go to that priest's mass. Hog mass.
poorwill - 2010-01-07
Grab yourself a can of pork soda
You'll be feeling just fine
Ain't nothin' quite like sittin' 'round the house
Swillin' down them Cans of swine
charmlessman - 2010-01-07
I always thought he said, "Kansas Wine"
Cans of Swine makes much more sense.


abeli$con - 2010-01-07
i would never have guessed someone so talentless could be this callous and ignorant
William Burns - 2010-01-07
I would never have guessed someone so awesome could be this awesome and awesome.

Fun fact: Did you know that this is the way people gathered food before cheetoes and mountain dew were invented?

Syd Midnight - 2010-01-07
Les Claypool grew up in a trailer, he is an expert on southerners, white trash, bass guitar, and feral Americans. Also tweekers, truckers, and skanks.

hornung - 2010-01-07
les claypool auditioned for metallica after cliff burton died.
if he had gotten the gig, "master of puppets" wouldn't have been the last good album they did.

but "and justice for all" would have had at least one song about breakfast cereal on it.

Camonk - 2010-01-07
The world Hornung describes is fucking MAGICAL.

Camonk - 2010-01-07
Oh wait. Dammit, hornung. You don't get credit for recycled jokes. Goddammit.

memedumpster - 2010-01-07
Behold, the batshit crazy big bad wolf. I don't relish the idea of hunting wild pigs without a firearm should society collapse. Cannibalism would be less dangerous.
phalsebob - 2010-01-07
I believe my hills have been sufficiently billied for this month, thank you.
Goofy Gorilla - 2010-01-07
Oh Les, that is not how I would kill feral hogs.

I guess my reaction is the most surprising thing about this video to me.
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