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MongoMcMichael - 2010-01-20

"Dad, my development as an adolescent relies on my ability to question and process storyline content for myself!"


Xenocide - 2010-01-20

"For God so loved the world, that he gave it his only begotten son, long story short, he went through a lot of horrible crap, but it was worth it. For the world."


"Do not love this world, for it is not from God, and it sucks and is horrible."

Oh sure, change your mind about the world AFTER you send your son to suffer horribly for it.

Poor Excuse - 2010-01-20

They named their dog "Whatever".

StanleyPain - 2010-01-20

You know, Captain, every year of my life I grow more and more convinced that the wisest and the best is to fix our attention on the good and the beautiful....and not go see Night of the Blood Creeps 4.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2010-01-20

Yay for "Focus on the Family," James Dobson's zombie army of Republican fear mongering.

And I really don't get why certain Christian sects (in this case, Baptists) have a problem with Barney the Dinosaur, who they liken to Satan because he's summoned via a chant*, yet don't get upset by a kid whose drawings come to life.

* he is Satan, but for entirely different reasons.

Riskbreaker - 2010-01-20

Then the parents took junior to see The Passion of the Christ.

chumbucket - 2010-01-20

the Pixar animated 3d version of course

fatatty - 2010-01-20

I would take care mocking this show.

My friends and I spent a Saturday morning mocking an episode of this where the kids end up in a tornado that takes the power out and have to use the power of Jesus and friendship to make it through the night.

After our mockfest had ended there was suddenly an actual tornado warning and our power went out. Although instead of using the power of Jesus and friendship we just went to a bar that still had power and got smashed.

Still, pretty creepy.

Chizmurder - 2010-01-20

Whoa! The same thing happened to me! Beware!

phalsebob - 2010-01-20

This is unbearably terrible. I'm going to have to wait for EIT to put out its bite sized condensed version.

Longshot- - 2010-01-20

My mom made me watch this whole series when I was about 12. I had a couple sisters and a brother and we were always fighting, so she made us watch these thinking it would help us or something.

no stars for you.

fatatty - 2010-01-20

Whoa! The same thing happened to me! 12 year olds beware!

magnesium - 2010-01-20

It was my dad who made us watch these, along with the Flying House and Superbook. I'm just glad to see it on here so that I know it was real and I didn't dream it.

cognitivedissonance - 2010-01-20

I had to watch these every fucking year when my parents dropped us off at my grandparents house for a week every summer. I think these were the only tapes his church would lend out, and otherwise we'd sit there reading Harriet Carter catalogues for a whole week, desperate for some sort of outlet.

This was before I discovered masturbation, of course.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-20

Oh crap you just made my night.
http://www.harrietcarter.com/entertainment_just-for-fun/dog-po lo-shirts/

Corman's Inferno - 2010-01-20

When I was a kid and my mom was in her religious nut phase (thankfully she came to her senses later), she would only buy me Focus on the Family movies. This same animation company did Tiny Toons, as well as a proto-furry live action sitcom/cartoon abortion called Secret Adventures.

Someone please find the episode of the latter where everybody in school is freaking out over going to a shitty christian rock concert.

Camonk - 2010-01-20

That's the most boring, stupid, faggy Rube Goldberg device ever. GO TO YOUR ROOM!

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2010-01-20

"They're stupid kids who are most likely sheltered by their religious parents. They'll never have seen a 'Mousetrap' game or a rolling ball sculpture kit. They'll probably be in shock for weeks after seeing it."

dead_cat - 2010-01-20

I don't know how I could have so perfectly forgotten about this. There was a time when it was my little brother's absolute FAVORITE show ever; a friend of his had some tapes and he was always making us watch them.

God it was terrible.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-20

Oh god, THIS. I was trying to remember the name of this so I could post it.

FACT: like 500 kids tried out for that role but were turned away because they "didn't look aryan enough"

Camonk - 2010-01-20

I figured the test was to have a normal child there and after every audition they asked, How much do you want to punch this boy?

All on a Likert scale and shit. All, "No, that's not enough. Bring in a more annoying boy."

nemeses9 - 2010-01-20

I remember watching this when my foster siblings and I went to a temporary weekend foster home (my foster parents went to Mexico for a weekend) and it was at this huge house with this guy who lived by himself with his dog and did all sorts of shit with his church/church people, and would have these girls who sang for the church come practice singing and dancing at his house (this also happened while we were there). He had tons, TONS of Focus on the Family material, including videos of McGee and Me and damn near every VeggieTales VHS released. This was back in the late 90s or maybe 2000. I was 14 or 15 at the time

About six months later I came home from school and people from the foster agency and police were there and questioned us about our stay at his house, as he apparently was in custody for allegations of child molestation.

True story. =/

Corman's Inferno - 2010-01-20


dead_cat - 2010-01-20

"I have the powers of a GOD! Time to get some jumbo paper and bring my crude drawings of women to LIFE!!"

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-21

Didn't you see the documentary on that? Cool something?

dead_cat - 2010-01-23

Why? Did it involve a woman with McGee's face, mismatched boobs bigger than her head, no internal organs, at least one arm like E.T.'s, and a vagina drawn by someone who's never even seen a textbook diagram?

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