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Desc:Don't-- d-- don't lose ya-- Don't lose ya head
Tags:Cars, PSA, decapitation, think of the children, OH MY CUCUMBER
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 21
I laughed really, really hard. I must hate kids.
Maggot Brain

Next on the Lifetime Original Movie....
Or just get crank windows, then you can leave them in the car all you want.

Crank windows can't be electronically disabled to prevent the kids from operating them in the first place (which is also one way of solving this problem). They also can't be remotely operated by the driver to override some kid screwing around with the buttons while on the road.

Of course turning off the car and removing the key should also solve this problem. They neglect to mention that perhaps leaving a little kid ALONE IN A RUNNING CAR might be even more of a risk than some freak window accident.

Shit, I WOULD have left my child alone with an electric fan before. Fuck. Is it... is it fan-death? Are we worrying about that now?
It's just oscillating fans. They mimic the pattern with their necks and get horrible upper back pain.

When left alone, very young children frequently develop terrible, gorilla-like strength that allows them to do things they would never manage when supervised. With fans, for example, children in the throes of a gorilla-frenzy tend to pull them down, then tear the cage off the fan, wire by wire, without destroying the motor or unplugging it; the exertion leaves them utterly exhausted to the point where they fall asleep with their faces right in the blades.

I once cut off the end of my finger by sticking it in a fan. Not the smartest idea I've ever had.

You seem to type okay.

Actually, I got my fingers sliced by a metal-bladed fan before. My grandma had it in her attic, and I thought it was awesome, so I took it home. I had it running, and in the middle of the night with it running, I reached out for something, and got my fingers sliced.

No real damage, life lesson learned. Get your kid a fan! And some electric windows too, I guess. Never got messed up by one of those, but it's sure to teach something or other.

Satisfyingly crunchy and squishy sound effects.
OK so the carrots are fingers and the grapefruit is supposed to represented a squishy child's head.

What is the cucumber supposed to be?
my dick

I'm guessing either limbs, or an extremely deformed child's head.

and when I got back to the car there was a delicious salad waiting for me on the ground
Caminante Nocturno
Todd McFarlane's Veggie Tales.
Slices, dices, makes julienne fries. The Kid-Killer window, just .95. Comes with a selection of special absorbent cleaning cloths.
Call now and we'll throw in three more -- FREE!

Just pay separate shipping and handling.

The website advertised by this video is a shining example of retarded logic.
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