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Desc:"He's a hater."
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Family Guy, Seth Macfarlane, Maher, Sarah Palin, trig
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Comment count is 20
That is entirely too many names in the title.
I prefer "About And On With", more to the point

-1 Maher

I don't know whether to give the five to Seth McFarlane for doing something not hateful, or to Bill for fellatiating him. Either way...
Well this took a turn from tolerable crap to unbelievable idiocy in the last minute.
Yeah, that really did turn into a pretty disgusting little circle jerk of excuses at the end.

I don't agree.

1. Whether you consider him funny or not McFarlane is a satirist. He uses humor to comment on society and pop culture. Therefore Palin shouldn't have a problem with his use of the word retarded or using retards for satirical purposes, based on her own exclusion of Rush for that very reason.

2. The word retard has very much taken on a new meaning and is not used to demean "mentally challenged" people. It is used to demean normal people who act as if they don't have full mental capacity when they do. And would never be used by most people to insult an actual retard. Cause really, who doesn't love retards? God's little broken mirrors of humanity.

To me those aren't excuses as much as realities that Palin denies to make herself feel better and win political points.


Right. Just like fag has become a blanket insult, actual fags no longer take offense to the word.

Fag is part of the vernacular. Americans need it! It doesn't mean what it m... I mean you're not gonna call a person who's homosexual "fag". No one with any sense uses that term in that way.


La Loco
The funny thing is that vernacular use of the word nigga was popularized by African Americans, changing it from an insult to a term of camaraderie; similar to Mexicans using guey (literally translated a castrated ox).

On the other hand terms like retarded, gay, or fag/faggy have not been popularized by the people being referenced.

You guys are so like Sarah Palin!

Can I has a pointless post?

Can I has a pointless post?'


You've contributed enough...

Rubik the Amazing Cube! Who knew Seth MacFarlane would be so adept at making pop culture references? From the 80s, no less.
Sheesh, Sarah Palin and her damn liberal, PC bullshit.

Wait, what?
i didn't know seth mcfarlane looked like peter brady.
i always pictured him looking just as retarded as todd mcfarlane.
Caminante Nocturno
Sometimes I have trouble separating the two in my mind.

Peter Brady and Todd McFarlane?

The missing link: COCAINE.

Even in real life, Seth can't go two minutes without making an obscure 80's reference.

But he's absolutely right about O'Reilly's freakish alien face, so I'll allow it this once.
Testicles of Doom
Not only that, but Palin is getting real ugly, real fast.

Everyone was calling her MILF this and MILF that during the election, but they way she looks now, she's going to resemble the Cryptkeeper by 2012.

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