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Desc:It's like a baby Megaweapon!
Category:Science & Technology, None
Tags:twisted metal, riot wheel, burning man
Submitted:Jaguar Wong
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Comment count is 17
That is one efficient speed machine.

Fuck the Segway, THIS is the future of transportation.
If everything plays out like Idiocracy did then yes it will.

I don't see how this brilliant idea could possibly have a downside.
Megaweapon! Ah, you reminded me of what happens to Megaweapon. Truly he was cut down in his prime.
Was this on ye-olde PoE? I know I've seen it before...
Needs a Burning Man tag
One time, I was hanging out with the friends of one my friends, and I made a joke about hippies going to Burning Man, and one guy was like, "Oh, I really wanna go to Burning Man one year!"

I hate my friends' friends.

Oh man I hate it when people express implied approval of hippies that is seriously just the worst thing ever

La Loco
Bite your tongue! Never dis burning man hippies, they are watching. They are everywhere...

Syd Midnight
I'd love to go to Burning Man, just not as a participant. On PoE we used to call that kinda thing "atrocity tourism".

You guys, while I love you, should try it before you get all pissy about something you only see videos of. That is like seeing a picture of the pyramids and thinking you know Egyptian politics. I really enjoyed it, and went expecting to simply be annoyed for a week. And I saw this thing there too. I rode it. It was awesome.

Caminante Nocturno
This needs more "Twisted Metal" tags.
And dude, fix those awful tags.
We must now place gorillas on them. And give them guns.
Stars withheld until somebody puts a wheelie bar on it and really opens it up.
5 for the audio being exclusively on the left stereo channel.
Paint it red, dat way it will go fasta!
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