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Desc:French guy demos EveryDay Looper on the iPhone, make it look way too easy.
Category:Arts, Science & Technology
Tags:iphone, looper, acappella
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Comment count is 18
cant stop the upvote
If only iPhones could give people purpose...

Wasn't meant to be a reply...

I end all my sentences with ellipses. Because I'm super cool on the internet.

Aww it was cute.
Innocent Bystander
This man is responsible for all the music in all new car commercials.
You're all so gay. Seriously, a French guy using an iPhone to sing acapella? Say that out loud and then look down at your hands because you may surprised to find yourself jerking off two guys in a mall bathroom.
amazing comment, but a great vid

Bonus: one of those guys is me


If this is a mac viral for the french market, it's pretty brilliant.
I got happier and happier the more he jammed out, and I didn't even need any evil! Love this.
Tuan Jim
His lips are like a slit in a rubber ball.
Robin Kestrel
This makes me consider getting an iPhone again, or at least upgrading to a microphone-capable iPod Touch.
All of the Touches are microphone ready, you just have to get the official Apple ear buds with the microphone in them.

THis is why I love the Touch..there's so many apps for it that are literally replacing hundreds of dollars worth of sound equipment.

I checked out this app and it does just about everything that a 0 to 300 loop pedal would do, if not more.
Yeah, I'm sure it's a breeze to use on stage while you're playing guitar.

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