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Desc:No need to describe this.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Joel Schumacher, batman & robin, bat card, id buy that for a dollar!
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Fucking Schumacher.
BIlly Mays Here
Helloooo, D.C. Cab? Falling Down? The dude makes some fun movies when he's not pigeonholed into trying to copy Burton's style and failing miserably.

go fuck yourself.

jesus i love this movie. i defend it to the death in film arguments based on the premise that batman is supposed to be stupid. ice to see you.
Jet Bin Fever
Arg, my brain. Someone should start a non-profit that buys up every available copy of this movie and destroys it... for the children.
C. Eloi Marx
Maybe the Wu-Tang could do it.

The thing to remember is that with this movie Schumacher was deliberately trying to capture the Batman from the 50's and 60's.

While this might be a fatally flawed artistic goal, I think he succeeded.

B. Weed
I disagree-- he, or more likely screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, seemed to have a contempt for the silliness instead of either embracing it (like the recent Brave and the Bold cartoon) or deconstructing it (Venture Brothers). It just seemed... lazy to me.

No, this is no parody or "homage" to 60s Batman. Is just the makers not having any idea of how to properly write the character.

Needs more moving lights.
In all fairness, i think this the hottest Uma Thurman has ever look.
That's like, what, a 5-6 tops?

Why are you using a base-6 scale?

Alright, I want to know the name of the brain surgeon that gave a masked man a credit card listed under a pseudonym.
Fuck everyone involved this, but god Uma Thurman and Chris O'Donnel are unredeemably horrible.
O'Donnel's career pretty much vanished after this.

Now he's on one of those crime scene shows with LL Cool J and the fashion designer from the Incredibles

How Uma Thurman retained a career after this is beyond me.

God I love this movie.
Foux du Fafa
I think Tarantino would be the main person responsible for that.

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