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Desc:There's really no other explanation.
Tags:perverts, panties, WTF Japan, poetv needs a wtf japan category
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Comment count is 27
Thank you Japan, thank you so much.
And true to Nipponese form, her stuff was digitized.

I remember reading a story about this/her: apparently she's some sort of aspiring pop star, short on actual singing talent. So... you know... this.

Not sure how this is distinctly Japanese, though. Don't we have about 1,000 celebutards famous for this or worse? Isn't Kim Kardashian famous for being pissed on by Brandy's brother?
A good point, but this sort of thing can be interpreted as a confirmation that all the bizarre fetishism that emerges from japan aren't just extremities taken out of context but that maybe, just maybe that sort of thing really does pervade their culture in a way that fetishism simply doesn't here.

Oh, understood; they're definitely a bunch of wonderful weirdos with a justified reputation, and I'd take shit like this over our Paris Hiltons and Ke$has and Lindsay Lohans and whatever else in a heartbeat.

Jet Bin Fever
To be fair, I'm sure it was really nice.
But is it art?
This is fucking retarded.
I thought they were lining up to smell the panties. I don't know if I'm disappointed or relieved.
I don't get it. Why is this a big de--oh.

Syd Midnight
At :25, what is Stephen King doing there and why is he dressed like a Ramone?
you saw that guy too huh?
Funny how people were pushing past him to get to that girl, and he's standing there in one spot, looking the opposite direction.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I don't understand why this clip is here. Oh wow a bunch of backs of peoples heads and OH HOLY SHIT
Are we sure she was wearing panties? Or do we take it for granted that Japan would rather see the panties than the actual pussy?
She's wearing pan... underwear. I've seen other video taken from this from different angles.

Jet Bin Fever
I did extensive research and discovered another film in which, YES she was indeed wearing panties... blue panties no less. She also politely asked people to buy her shit. Marketing 101... sex sells.

If this wasn't Japan, I wouldn't need to clarify: buy her SHIT, or merchandise?

We didn't get to see the show, damn it.

If I were there I would totally attempt a sniff.
Flash mob
Frash Mob

Jet Bin Fever
furashu mobu!

Huh. Well how about that.
Never change Japan.
The only way this could have been better is if she was taking a steaming piss on the crowd.
She can't do that on the first go. Then there's nothing to build up to.

Freeman Gordon
Richard Simmons could pull off something like this in the states. I can see it before me.
I thought it was about that one woman's wallet in her back pocket, which was disgracefully sticking from under her jacket. But then it got to the end so yeah.
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