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Desc:POEtv'ers will be fapping themselves into oblivion.
Category:Humor, Trailers
Tags:bill hicks, hagiography, Moderate Talent+Died Young=VOICE OF A GENERATION!
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Comment count is 45
chairsforcheap - 2010-03-12
fuck bill hicks
CapnJesusHood - 2010-03-12
fuck you

joelkazoo - 2010-03-13
fuck you HARD!

joelkazoo - 2010-03-13
That comment was directed at chairs, not you, capn.

tamago - 2010-03-13
You can suck a fat dick 'til you choke to death on semen, chairs.

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
Tamago, Ladies and Gentlemen! Urbane, erudite, a national treasure. Kind of like a Garrison Keillor, but with more talk about gagging on cum.

zatojones - 2010-03-13
I'm not going to watch or rate this, but he's right - Bill Hicks was boring and not funny.

BIlly Mays Here - 2010-03-13
fuck bill hicks

James Woods - 2010-03-13

chairsforcheap - 2010-03-13
perhaps you guys are telling me to....

suck satans cock!!!!

*legendary bit*

Caminante Nocturno - 2010-04-13
This site has a very, VERY bad track record when it comes to comedians.

pineapplejuicer - 2010-03-12
i dont even know who bill hicks is but i am going to do my goddamnedest to make "hagiography" a linked tag
Candlejackv616 - 2010-03-12
5 cause its Hicks, but i really don't dig the look of the film. Though I'm glad to see him getting a documentary done about him.
memedumpster - 2010-03-12
This doesn't look that bad.
StanleyPain - 2010-03-13
I don't think Hicks' idolization is appropriate and I will admit that some of his reputation is overblown, but people trying to shit all over him in some weak attempt to appear irreverent and edgy really just make themselves look like retards or people way too young to remember/understand the American comedy landscape when Hicks was still performing and still relevant. He went against the grain of just about everything that the comedy scene was devolving into at the time and a lot of people loved him for it.
joelkazoo - 2010-03-13
Very Nicely Put, Stan! Surrogate stars: *****

pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-13
nuh uh! kinison was cooler and even DIED cooler! cancer, pfffft LAME-O

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
"...people way too young to remember/understand the American comedy landscape when Hicks was still performing and still relevant." Goodness gracious, StanleyPain. Ad hominem much? The problem with Bill Hicks fans like you was the same problem with the man himself: This strange attitude that we should all gobble him up with a smile, regardless of whether we actually enjoy him, because he's somehow "good for us." If we don't, there must be something wrong with us as people. My mom tried that crap on me with okra pickles and I still hate those slimy things, so don't bother.
Defend him if you must, but please - don't label him a pioneer. Methinks you may be the one with the short memory, StanleyPain. Ever hear of Lenny Bruce? I suppose Hicks could be credited with refining the form to some degree, but his tone and comedic strategy were all blatantly derivative of stuff Bruce was doing over 20 years earlier.
People who "remember/understand the American comedy landscape" know that Bill Hicks peaked artistically and commercially very early; after his breakthrough on "Rodney Dangerfield's Young Comedians Special" in '87, it wasn't long until he was headed backward professionally, trending in the direction of obscurity rather than success; that's because pompous blowhards, even witty and edgy ones, wear thin quickly, and they play a lot better in clubs than they do on TV. The only thing that could have got his career going again was his untimely death. Way to go, pancreatic cancer.
The bottom line is that Bill Hicks was just irritating to most people. Sitting through one of his sets was often like enduring a scolding from a control-freak vice principal at a parochial school; the fact that he was lecturing us in favor of things like LSD use didn't change the fact that it was still, in every way, more akin to a moralizing reprimand than provocative, enlightened entertainment.
And my word, what a whiner this guy was. Just like Bill Maher, he coveted that hipster street cred that is generated by controversial social commentary, but whenever he garnered a little backlash or censorship, it was time to whimper about how unfair The Man is and how provincial audiences are, overlooking the simple truth that commentary must provoke some kind of moral outcry in order to be controversial. Even Ann Coulter knows that.
And by the way, I couldn't care less about appearing "irreverent and edgy." I'm neither. I wear sweater vests, I drive a Camry, and I love my cat.
Speaking of which, Fluffy just dropped a big, stinky deuce in her box. I'd better go change the litter. It's yet another activity on the mounting list of tasks that are infinitely more meaningful and enjoyable than the comedy stylings of Bill Hicks.

tamago - 2010-03-13
Wow that's a lot of text just to tell everyone you're a faggot.

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
Well, how about that!

PeeWeeBub - 2010-03-13
I dunno, tamago. You are the one who seems to be awfully gay for a certain dead, semi-amusing comedian.

aikimoe - 2010-03-13
DJRobotron, there's anything wrong with not liking Hicks, but when you go on and on about why he sucks so much (i.e. why we're wrong to love the guy), aren't you doing the same thing as people who say you're wrong to not like him?

Also, it should be noted that the vast majority of successful, highly respected (obviously Mencia and Cook don't count) comedians would strongly disagree with your analysis of the man and his art. Not that it means you're wrong, just that sometimes, "ain't my cup o' tea" will suffice.

aikimoe - 2010-03-13
Sorry, DJ, meant to say "there's NOTHING wrong with not liking Hicks." And there still isn't.

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
I prefer to be as verbose as possible. I love to drone on and on and on. If it's too long for you, just skip down to Tamago's contributions. They're positively brilliant and delightfully succinct. We're talkin' Algonquin Round table stuff.
And no, by the way, I'm not "doing the same thing as people who say [I'm] wrong to not like him." It's different for two reasons: First, I'm not saying you're wrong to love Bill Hicks. By all means, love him...be slow and gentle at first, but then...gradually unbridle your passion, love him faster and harder, grinding your love relentlessly, like a Rhesus Macaque after a Cialis trial at GlaxoSmithKline. I'm merely responding to this notion espoused by a lot of his fans that not liking him is tantamount to being a tasteless philistine. I just wish I could buy his legacy for what it's actually worth and sell it for what you Hickstians think it's worth. That would be a handsome profit indeed.
The second reason it's different is because I'm completely right and all of you are utterly wrong.
And who cares what "the vast majority" of any group thinks about anything? Wasn't that one of the main pillars of the Hickstian philosophy that made him such renegade/iconoclast/rebel/rogue/firebrand/non-conformist/deity?

bongoprophet - 2010-03-13
Hello DJRobotron, you are wrong.

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
You know, Bongo, when you frame it that way, I see my error. Cheerfully withdrawn!

Lindner - 2010-03-13
You know, as much as I love to argue on the internet, I don't have strong feelings either way about Bill Hicks. I rarely follow stand up comedy, and so I'm hardly one to discuss it's intricacies. But, given that you were the one to submit this, DJ, you must have been sitting on this vitriol from the get go.

My point is, you submitted this to an audience that is largely known to like Bill Hicks. So the outcome was predictable. As best I can gather, you were itching for an opportunity to expound on your hatred for the man, and just needed to set up a venue.

So, while I don't doubt that cleaning your cat's litter is important to you and fulfilling on a spiritual level, I'm thinking maybe you do enjoy being "irreverent and edgy" a little more.

Adham Nu'man - 2010-03-13
I wear sweater vests and drive a camry and clean cat shit all day and I think Bill Hicks is boring. WORD!

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
Busted. Mea culpa.

splatterbabble - 2010-03-13

pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-13
It all makes a lot more sense once you realize that DJRobotron is Dennis Miller.

Rudy - 2010-03-15
I like Bill Hicks, but I'm only starring this because DJRobotron hated this video hard enough to submit it to PoETV, one star it and then write paragraph after paragraph describing how a video HE SUBMITTED totally sucks.

And a new, edgy PoETV star is born...

Harold Manchester - 2010-03-20
Is it rambling pseudo-intellectual twat in here or is it just DJRobotron.

PeeWeeBub - 2010-03-13
He was just a gimmick. Carrot Top with no props, more faux-anger, and the occasionally witty turn of a phrase. If he hadn't died, nobody would even be talking about him today.
tamago - 2010-03-13
Shut the fuck up troll.

DJRobotron - 2010-03-13
Wow, that's very little text to tell everyone you are unburdened by any pesky insights or counter-arguments.
Oh, and by the way:

FISTFULLofSOUL - 2010-03-13
Bill Hicks!
ztc - 2010-03-13
Bill Hicks could be quite funny sometimes.
oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2010-03-13
makes me laugh
HoboTech - 2010-03-13
Satan's scaly cock
twinkieafternoon - 2010-03-13
Who's Bill Hicks? He seems to have torn this site apart, and normally I've heard of the people on this site that tear the site apart.
pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-13
David Cross if David Cross knew how to turn down shitty movie roles.

megaspy2000 - 2010-03-15
bill hicks in an treasure
Caminante Nocturno - 2010-04-13
It really pisses me off how much this guy ripped off Dennis Leary.
Maru - 2013-01-17
Bill Hicks is fine, but FUCK THIS.
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