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Desc:He got 99 problems but E.T. ain't one
Category:Video Games, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Aliens, Nintendo, Wine Coolers
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Comment count is 19
Jet Bin Fever
William Burns
I was all ready to one-star this but
Best video description ever?

This might be my favorite video on here.
My friend owes me 10 dollars cuz he said he could beat Fester's Quest but instead he just tried to upgrade his gun for like 10 minutes and gave up and went home!
This game was pretty much a direct ripoff of Master Blaster, only without the tank (WHY BOTHER THEN?).

90% of that game was also upgrading your dude's gun.

Still one of the catchiest NES title tunes.
Freeman Gordon
This guy has more cool stuff on his channel and probably more content coming in the future.
Well that was a nice surprise.
after all the terrible VIDYA GAME HUMOR that occasionally rots in the hopper, this made me do a spit-take.
You literally (verb)ed your (beverage)! Someone owes you a new keyboard! My desks a mess over here!

Like finding the prize in a box of cereal.
No "Addams Family" tag?
Jet Bin Fever
E.T. ain't one, but albinism is.
Caminante Nocturno
The aliens are well aware that Uncle Fester just don't give a shit. That is why they are so brazen with their abductions.
I'm so mad that this was unexpectedly funny that I'm one starring it five times.
I almost refused to five star it, JUST because it's such a goddamned stupid idea and you shouldn't reward those things no matter how many times they make you retard-laugh at their dumbass jokes.

Aubrey McFate
He just keep sippin' on those wine coolers
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