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Desc:Niiice... Aaahh! Ohhhh...! OHH!!!!! oooo.....
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:motorcycle, florida, Wheelie, Dude you ok?, Road Rash
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 34
Nasty road rash. This is why you always wear thick leather when you ride a bike. Of course a real bike rider wouldn't showboat like that either. So he got what he deserved.
Why even wear a helmet if you're just going to wear a t-shirt? Let nature take its course.

Tuan Jim
A friend of mine had a bike when he was a teenager. He was smart enough to wear his helmet and leather coat and he had some leather pants for riding (they actually had some shit in there for his knees, iirc). He bitched about it, particularly in the summer, but he didn't stop wearing his riding outfit.

When the inevitable happened and a car sideswiped him at 45mph, he was able to do a series of forward rolls and ended up walking away with only a few bruises and a mildly sprained ankle. The bike was totaled.

Needs the "dude you ok" tag
Robert DeNegro
His nickname is Speed Wobbles.
Tank Slapper

Retard. I know a guy who died doing something similar.
Their radness douching into my face doesn't offend me. It's the fact that everyone driving around them is scared shitless they are about to commit involuntary vehicular manslaughter when they fuck up.

I don't think I meant that as a reply to you or your friend.

James Woods
You knew a guy.

James Woods is a real stickler for proper tense.

And I applaud him for it. Plus he was pretty cool as the voice of Owl Man.

Caminante Nocturno
Yeah, shake that ass!

Oh fuck.
Jet Bin Fever
He's lucky to alive but will die in the future from the same thing.
Why am I not surprised they're listening to Korn?
The Mothership
thanks, I wondered what it was.

Tuan Jim
The earth itself rends those who listen to such pestilent noise.

Oh no!
unknown rebel
It's amazing how it's always the guys who don't wear safety gear who are impulsive enough to pull this shit and traffic and become legends. Legends at tearful funerals and/or yearbooks.
Riding on two wheels not dangerous enough? WHY NOT TRY JUST ONE
Architeuthis Tux
Driving on SoCal freeways, I have seen shit significantly more insane than this (the guy surfing his bike -- standing on the seat and taking both hands off the handles -- comes to mind), but sadly none of them have ended so satisfyingly.
His back. Holy shit.
Finally a decent aftermath shot, that's missing in most of these...

Does it strike anyone else that the last shot seems to be in someone's bathroom and not a hospital is the perfect ending for such a stupid stunt?
I'd say that's a rest stop

Tuan Jim
"Here we are by the Florida turnpike" seems to imply that it is a rest stop.

Lost two stars because of the ending that deprived us of meeting these people. Got one back because of the korn + dude you okay
A guy 'round here died doing this on regular (non-highway) roads some years back. Wedged himself and the bike under a parked car and caught on fire.

The ironic thing is that his buddy died doing the exact same thing... DURING THE FUNERAL PROCESSION.

Talk about evolutionary pressure in a population.
Amazing. Was there anything in the paper about this? Post it here.

The Mothership
Yea, if that's true it needs to be here or on PoeN.

I think that pre-dates the interwebs, boys.

Five stars for the horror of the last two seconds.
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