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Desc:JMEMantzel has made some serious progress on his insane giant spider robot.
Category:Science & Technology, Military
Tags:Robot, Giant Robot, Mad Science, jmemantzel, spider robot
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Comment count is 9
This guy is my hero, but I started slacking off on watching his videos. Apparently he's gone a long way since building his own saw mill.
Yeah, it amazes me how much progress he makes while still having several other projects.

No joke. This man dug his own road. All of his videos are watchable and amazing.

this guy is proof of what you can accomplish when you're not distracted. also being obsessive and crazy helps

So when you said he dug his own road I thought that was a nice figure of speech. But holy shit, he literally dug his own road.

And soon he'll show all of those fools who laughed at him and his theories...they dared call him "mad"!
Is this guy hopped up on goofballs? He's putting off a serious Chevy Chase vibe.
no he's a bit touched, but unlike most spergers on the internet he channels it into running and building robots instead of anime and self loathing

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