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Desc:The emergence of a Jesus Brokencyyyde was probably inevitable
Category:Advertisements, Religious
Tags:Jesus, bad music, there is no god, horrible rapping, the kids like the screamo these days
Submitted:Billy the Poet
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Comment count is 15
al k duh
i think this slightly predates brokencyde. i remember hearing this tune a couple of years ago.

mediocre to be certain, but the song is sustained by its novelty long enough for a listen.
Inappropriate use of keytar -1 star.
There is NO inappropriate use of the keytar. +3

But the video still wasn't great.

This is bad--don't get me wrong--but A) I see instruments and B) there's no autotune, let alone C) screaming at uncomfortable models, so any comparison to Brokencyde artificially raises/lowers my expectations to a ridiculous degree.
Christians should stick to hymns and campfire singalongs. Please stay out of popular music. The end result is never good.
Say what you want, but this is fucking great if you watch it with the sound off and don't know what it sounds like.
Put an Andrew WK song over that video, it might make it awesome...

Eroticus E
Still better than Brokencyde.
Ah, Christian musicians: desperately jumping on any bandwagon that's already just about to fall apart. These dinks in particular started in a boy band, then moved on to southern rock before seeing... this. And apparently now they make "dance" music.
They're no DC Talk, who went from bland whiteboy rappers to a grunge act in the space of two years.

But really, who is?

split tail
I disagree. I think all Christians, and religionist for that matter, should start behaving this way; more time for fun, less time for killing, maiming, and mourning.
split tail
oops! that was meant as a reply to spikestoyiu's comment.

Either way, I think you kinda missed the point.

split tail
okay, 1st I was loaded when I made that reply to my reply; 2nd my original comment was meant as a reply to tmavomodry's comment, and not yours; finally, I not even sure I know what your comment was about, and at this point I don't care because I am drunk again. Thank-you.

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