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Desc:one of those things that unintentionally scared the pants off you as a kid
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:Sesame Street, dogs, william wegman, nightmare fuel
Submitted:Ludo Smell Bad
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Comment count is 13
Did William Wegman direct some Sesame Street bits? The dry narrative delivery on top of the baroque classical is what really tips the scales on this.

Man there's not much to say to this.
The true origin of furries?

Weimeraimeraimers with human hands.
The smacking the dog away from eating it is killing me.
I lost it completely when the dogs started trying to eat the ingredients.
Needs a William Wegman tag, needs to not have the nightmare fuel tag because this is awesome and adorable!
That guy
This is nightmare fuel, but I'd second switching it out if you agree to a "how to screw up children's brains" tag.

Ludo Smell Bad
need I remind you of the definition of Nightmare Fuel:

"Nightmare Fuel means those things that unintentionally scared the pants off you as a kid. Something that was meant to amuse or entertain to the audience would otherwise result in nightmares to children."


I stand by my fucking tags.

It must be uncomfortable to have a weimaraner sitting on your head like that. I feel sorry for the puppeteers.
Lauritz Melchior
It was worth the wait.
Boomer The Dog
Don't know how I missed this here, but it's great! I have never heard of any kid who was scared by Wegman's Weimaraners, everyone seems to love them, but I'm sure it's happened, a part of growing up.

I am absolutely terrified of William Wegman, but I didn't learn about him until I was much older, highschool maybe. I can't imagine how frightening his weimaraners would appear to children.

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