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Desc:Bond's American son fights S.C.U.M. with his largely Aryan friends
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:wtf, S.C.U.M., James Bond Jr.
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Comment count is 16
CharlesSmith - 2010-04-23
I watched this show as a kid blissfully unaware that there was a James Bond Senior. The song still gets stuck in my head sometimes.

"No one can stop him, but SCUM always tries
Young bond cuts through each web of spies!"
Crucifried - 2010-04-23
Valerie Solanas hates James Bond Jr.
Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2010-04-23
wasn't this submitted when we were doing 90s saturday morning cartoon intros?
Azmo23 - 2010-04-23
yep http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=19643

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2010-04-24
My apologies for the dupe, I didn't find it in my initial search.

Hooker - 2010-04-23
Proportionately, this Bond should fuck sexy eight year olds.
Caminante Nocturno - 2012-01-29
These are for you.

manfred - 2010-04-23
So, James Bond 007 has a brother also named James. Was their father mentally ill?
FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2010-04-23
Just a big George Foreman fan.

Xenocide - 2010-04-23
Good thing 007 doesn't sleep around a lot, or this might start to look suspicious.

cognitivedissonance - 2010-04-23
I can only assume Alan Moore has a very cute explanation for that.

Hooper_X - 2010-04-24
No need for a "cute" explanation. Remember when your parents got divorced and Uncle Ronnie spent the night all the time? Yeah.

Uncle James has a *lot* of nephews.

BHWW - 2010-04-23
This show is Exhibit C-67a in the case against "The New _____" or "______: The New Generation" type cartoon shows.

The revamping of some of the old Bond film henchmen was also kind of odd; Jaws now had a giant robot jaw, Odd Job dressed like he was a member of Run D.M.C.
nemeses9 - 2010-04-23
I used to watch this.

Cleaner82 - 2010-04-24

klingerbgoode - 2010-04-27
I played the SNES game of this. The second level was an extremely long helicopter sequence in which you're carpet bombing a desert. Just like James Bond Sr.
It was so long I never got to the third level!
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