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Desc: If only the remote could rewind enough to stop me from renting this thing.
Category:Crime, Fashion
Tags:Remote Control, Shotgun, Funny games, rewind
Submitted:Louis Armstrong
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Comment count is 15
Jet Bin Fever
I hate almost everything that guy is in. I just want to punch in his face every time I see it.
Jet Bin Fever
Oh, it was 5'd for evil, not for quality... movies like this should not exist.

pauley shore?

Still better than the version with Adam Sandler.
infinite zest
Hey now, Funny Games is a treatise on violence in our society and a reflection on the way oh wait this movie sucks.
Apparantly, I'll have to do the right thing.
Step 1 in making a message movie is to make the message subtle.

It's hard to think of a worse movie I've seen recently, but the director basically said that if your reaction isn't getting up and leaving the theater then he hasn't done his job.

So...I got trolled...I guess?
Haneke is like Lars Von Trier, cinematic trolls.

Saw the original, don't need a remake. He already made his point effectively the first time.
If you unironically refer to certain horror movies as "torture porn" that pretty much invalidates your opinions on cinema forever.
You should change your name to APROPOS OF NOTHING

Michael Houser
I love that there are two near identical versions of this film that everyone can't stand.
Holy shit, first five seconds, I was shocked when Denise Crosby spoke with the voice of a man.
We need a bad movies tag. And it needs to be distinct from a hilariously bad movies tag.
Great film.
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