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Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:Sega, pit fighter, InvisibleCrane, pie voice
Submitted:Teased Vagina
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Comment count is 15
Jet Bin Fever
infinite zest
His Row Boats review is pretty epic

Now I want a game called Pet Fighter.
3:26 ...Ok, looks like a mistranslation of the U.S. version of "Invisible Crane Reviews Shit".

the scottish untalented Sterling Holloway
i haven't watched the video yet, but does he pronounce it "PEET FOIT OOR?"
Jesus that's Irish. Get your fucking accents right

InvisibleCrane has always sounded a lot more Irish than Scottish to me.

I am aware he is from Glasgow and is not an old Irish woman, he just sounds like one.

Ferd degree black belt.

Fuck you, man. Just fuck you. Rise of the Robots was the SHIT! You cunt. It was so fucking good!

Wait was that the game where you could rip off the other robot's arm and replace it with yours? Replacing his legs with yours was tough to pull off. And then you could rip off his body and crush it and get hella health. That game was badass.

Doesn't matter. This idiot is wrong about everything.
I dunno, hes right about not having friends to play this with though.

Jim Quin
The one you're thinking of was Cyborg Justice. Rise of the Robots was that hideous 3D-rendered piece of shit that the programmers forgot to put any AI in whatsoever.

"Pit Fighter just seems a bit..."


"...shallow in comparison."
Yellow Lantern
I'm not sure what it is, but Sega Genesis game music is some of the most distinct console music of all time.

Teased Vagina, have you submitted his Rise of the Robots review? It is wonderful.
Not nearly as good as Rise of the Rowboats.
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