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Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:Patton Oswalt, Shameless, plagiarism, joke thief, Nick Madson
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Comment count is 12
Why, oh WHY! is it that when I pause either video, there's a strange quadruple loop?

Regardless, that's a funny Oswalt bit, and any comedian that copies it verbatim should be called in all public places called "Carols Mencia"
Five stars for sheer gall. Nick Madson should not ever be allowed near a microphone again.
Nick Madson's claim to fame.
Madsen even sounds like he's reading someone else's work. His delivery is pitifully mechanical. He's amazingly outclassed.

Some comedians can't write a great joke, but they can deliver one so well that they'll get by on weak material. Some comedians can't deliver a joke, but their stuff is so funny that people won't mind. Madsen has shown he can do neither. Time to accept that management position at Wendy's, you hack.
Oh, and here are Patton's thoughts on the whole thing:

http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friend Id=67077201&blogId=533643624

or pattonoswalt.com (spew section)

Holy shit @ Madson's reply. The man is shameless and horrible.

Stealing is bad. But being a bad thief is just... uh... really bad? I don't know. Gonna see what someone cleverer'n me had to say about it and take their insight.

Google Madsen and the first result has a picture of Patton.
I'm guessing this guy thinks doing this will get some publicity to where he'll be e-famous or something and can parlay that into some kind "bad boy of comedy" reputation. I think he thinks it's like the balloon kid or something where this will translate into lucrative offers from television or something....I get that vibe.
i have such a deep and abiding love for that little hobbit that to watch this..to watch this man ruin his comedy.....hurts. it physically hurts...
This guy is on level with Richard Kastle douchebagness.
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