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Desc:A magician with a mullet and a high pitch voice seems more honest than most politicans
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:hippie, canada, yoga, new age, doug henning
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Comment count is 15
This is the third most famous Canadian in Canada. I know you are going to say What about Bryan Adams. Well, he's tied for third at best.

To bad Doug died. He'd be Prime Minister by now.
i saw doug henning perform live when i was a kid. illusions!
Yogic flying consists of sitting down and bouncing on your ass does it not?
Basically, but apparently thats the "first stage" the second and third would be levitation followed by full on flight superhero style from what I remember.

What fascinated me all this time is how long this shit has been going on for, but it is funny how full of crap this all is.


I voted for a Natural Law candidate in Washington when I was 18.
I was also sucked into this mysterioso political party back in the early 90's when I was young and dumb. That and Dianetics. Oh and I might have also had many Lillian Vernon purchases during that episode.

Anyway, hooray for a perfect Henning video. "Magic is illusion! Illusion is magic!"

The very first vote I ever cast was for the Natural Law Party of Canada. It was when they lost that I realized I had very little in common with my fellow countrymen.

7000 yogic fliers: when 6000 yogic fliers just won't cut it.
I need to start playing music, so I can be "DJ 7000 Yogic Flyers."
It's sort of funny that an entire party's platforms could read like "California Uber Alles" without any irony whatsoever.
They basically just mail out flyers about yoga.
Jesus Christ, I just got back from a documentary called, "David Wants To Fly" about this crazy bullshit and this is the first thing I see on POETV? Good film, also what-the-fuck-timing.
Syd Midnight
If you don't know who Doug Henning is, do yourself a favor and ask Youtube. This is why I don't need the Tim & Eric Show.
Part of their platform involves a military branch made up of yogic flyers.
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