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Desc:Yeah, this is a real game trailer
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:retro, final fight, paul robertson, Scott Pilgrim
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Comment count is 20
Just glad to see Paul Robertson is getting work
also Anamanaguchi

Pirate Baby's Rock Concert Battle Street Fight 2010
Complain about how shallow and stupid the average moviegoer is

Go gaga over shallow, stupid pandering that just happens to be targeting your demographic instead
oh, is that what this is

Stop enjoying things, dammit! Can't you see that's what they WANT you to do?

To be fair, the comic itself was shallow pandering, the movie is just trying to stay accurate to the source material.

Goethe and ernie
The music sounds like the Depreciation Guild, who sound like what videogame music used to sound like anyway, something something five stars.
While also glad about Paul Robertson, this is some mighty shallow River City Ransom cloning going on.

I think my favorite thing about Scott Pilgrim was the threat on poe-news where someone complained about the length of the movie meant that the sub-plot about Scott's underage asian ex could be cut out.
You could pick worse games to clone. This looks fun.

No one will ever love you, no matter how many things you hate.

I'm glad my minor dismissal of a cash-in prompted the most knee jerk internet insult imaginable.

seriously, why not just play river city ransom and throw wadded pages from the comics at the television, the effect would be the same

Basically I'm just glad people are still making 2D games. I'm not prepared to hold it up to RCR standards.

No, the most knee jerk internet insult imaginable would be calling you Hitler. Which I'm going to do now.


also i must've missed the part in RCR where you had a friggin MAGIC BAR.

this is a Castle Crashers ripoff if anything, although I expect you're too old to get the reference.

I don't give a damn about the comic or the movie. The only thing that matters is that the game play looks like an awesome homage to River City Ransom.
It always looks weird to me when I see these types of games and half the sprites aren't flickering.
You'd be hard pressed to find a Scott Pilgrim fan who wasn't also concurrently a student of GIR impersonations.
This game is going to be worthless if they leave out the Walter Sobchak powerup.
Almost certainly won't end up seeing the movie. Didn't even know it was a comic book.

This game looks pretty fun.
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