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Desc:He didn't go to Alyssa Milano's house to rape her, he just wanted to talk.
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:stalker, Tiffany, alyssa milano, i think we e alone now, seriously broken people
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Comment count is 19
Urkel Forever
"...my intentions are honorable, uh, for her. It was just marriage."
Yup. This video belongs here. Good find!

"Hello youtubie boobies. AH HA HA HA HA HA!"

I wonder if they jury will find that as amusing as I did when they inevitably see it.
The eyes, the facial expression.. The small snicker every two sentences..

And then the question: Who taped this??

Oh I see, a documentary.. Hello watch list

Yes. You have to see the documentary. It is POETV material plain and simple.

Frank Rizzo
why does he remind me of chris chan so much?

I doubt Chris will age with the same grace.

Testicles of Doom
Plus, I doubt this guy has his own wiki with pictures of his mangled hamburger looking junk.

The most interesting thing about this man, for me, is that he has the most impeccable spoken grammar I've ever heard.
The Mothership
"They're in fear for their lives; YEA, RIGHT."
this man is more frightening than one that may for instance want to make jewelry out of alyssa milano's teeth
I love when he starts detailing her martial arts achievements.
mirror mirror Fred Willard.
You create your own killers, ladies.
Hay Belly
If everyone was Muslim this wouldn't happen.

Cherry Pop Culture
Don't blame the victim, blame the perpetrator! :D

Oh Jeff.
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