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Category:News & Politics
Tags:chicago, local news, internet people, the internet, Everything is Terrible
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Comment count is 19
Goethe and ernie - 2010-06-30
The anchor's face at 1:16 sums it up perfectly
Nithing - 2010-06-30
Hopefully destined for some future retro-irony archive.
chumbucket - 2010-06-30
Commodore Gilgamesh needs his own show now
cognitivedissonance - 2010-06-30
They're like The Residents, but different.
Camonk - 2010-06-30
"Ahna" she has to say it.

Bitch deserves whatever she gets. As long as it's a slap to her stupid face and fifty people yelling ANNA at her for an hour while they spit on her. Ana. Shut the fuck up, you dippy cooze.
Dr Dim - 2010-06-30
What if her name actually is Ana?

erratic - 2010-06-30
I think I heard her last name and it was spanish, so "ahna" is just right

fluffy - 2010-06-30
But she is FUNNY because she says INTERWEBZ out loud LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Camonk - 2010-07-01
No, bullshit. She's plainly super American, probably doesn't speak a word of Spanish.

Her name is Anna! Assimilate, goddammit!

Otherwise I'll be forced to admit that this is a stupid thing to be angry about!

citrusmirakel - 2012-05-09
How the fuck are you people watching this video and getting angry? That should not be possible.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2010-06-30
Well, they came off as total idiots. Awful interview.
memedumpster - 2010-06-30
"What exactly do you do with everything is terrible?"
"We re-edit other peoples' work to aggrandize ourselves because INTERNET!"
JimL2 - 2010-06-30
At least 40% of these guys are awesome. They're hamming it up for the camera in this clip.

fluffy - 2010-06-30
The original video title sums up morning "news" shows pretty accurately, yes.
Caminante Nocturno - 2010-06-30
It's been a while since I've seen GWAR, but I didn't think they'd change this much.
JimL2 - 2010-06-30
also I think Future Schlock is wearing Lehr's head. ...I have my suspicions.
Hooper_X - 2010-07-01
Yo Gabba Gabba and GWAR had a baby and left it in the dumpster behind the Found Footage Festival.

(Five stars & favorited for incredible use of The Smiths.)
The Mothership - 2014-09-07
This comment sums up my feelings exactly. And heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Syd Midnight - 2010-07-01
It's a good interview when the reporter is so stunned that the anchors have to explain what just happened.
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