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Desc:Conservative parody at it's knee-slappin' finest!
Tags:conservative, acorn, Teabagger
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Comment count is 11
They didn't even bother to check their numbers. If they claim that ACORN drove to add 1.3 million registered voters and assuming the following:

* No voters were added to the McCain side (no conservative turned 18 or changed their mind
* All of ACORNs registered voters voted for Obama
* All of ACORNs voters were fake or fraudulent

Then Obama would have still won the popular vote by about 8.5 million votes.

The only Blue states at :20 are NC, PA, FL, CT, MI, MN, CO, NM, NV, and CA.

Of those, the discrepancies of those states listed between Obama and McCain that were anywhere close to the ACORN registered voters were NC and FL. If those states were Republican, Obama would have still won the election.

Facts, schmacts, right?
The God of Biscuits
Let's also not forget that the "pimp recordings" were highly edited. The unedited videos show a totally different story.

More importantly, this is completely unfunny.


The fact is is that all those ACORN volunteers hijacked the voting process. They intimated white voters and that's why they were able to stuff the ballot boxes!!!!!
PALIN 2012

And while we're talking facts, let's not forget the ACTUAL, PROVEN vote tampering in Iowa that got Bush elected the second time.
Guess these folks forgot about that.

That's it. The final nail in the coffin. Obama must be impeached.
Everything I believed about freedom and democracy has been destroyed. My hopes lay strewn about me like condom wrappers behind the outhouse of an all-male 'pray the gay away' camp for confused teens.

I've no reason to go on, now that liberty is gone.
I am up for any vote rigging required to destroy the Republican Party, Christianity, Fox News, and circus peanuts. Seriously, fuck circus peanuts.
Yes, suddenly the government is really scary and oppressive and out-of-control now that a black man is president and politicians can NO LONGER BE TRUSTED like they could be between 1776-2007.

If only we could go back to those salad days.
Well I mean white men are bred better for Presidency, there's just been more whites in office if you look at history, history doesn't lie. And by more I mean only. Only white men have been President before, and now the President is black. I fear up will become down. It's horrifying, like imagine how that would affect Niagara Falls. Listen I could talk to you all day about this subject but let me just put it to ya bluntly, that's what my grandfather always liked to say...

Our founding fathers, they were white men. Think about that for a minute.

Obama is a Marxist. And a grouch. He's like a Groucho Marxist.
Acorn stole votes? Really? Well, i guess as we've past the "Obama eats white babies" point, this was bound to come.
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