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Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Japan, alarm clock
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Comment count is 11
Japanese horror flicks.

There's nothing like them.

This clock has a very punchable face.
Any kind of warrantee on this thing is pointless. Unless it covers physical abuse.
There are much worse japanese alarm clocks out there. Some of them dance too!
This is what Neil Young sounds like to me.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh, no! I'm late for my meeting in Dayton!
Adham Nu'man
The word "Japanese" in the title set my expectations very high.

This was quite tame by comparison; that alarm clock didn't go anywhere near anyone's genitals.
Oooooooh yes it did!

In a week, everyone who watched this will be dead.

Get a Garfield phone for a matched set.
A perfect gift for that insufferable weeaboo who thinks they're good friends with you but you secretly hate them with a fiery passion. Every time you see them after giving them the alarm clock you ask them how they like it, so that they'll feel bad if they stop using it.
B. Weed
My old boss at a software company had that same sound chip in a piggy alarm clock. Every so often he'd set it off in his office because it was ridiculous.
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