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Desc:A court show literally filmed on a street. This is real.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:Street Court, JUSTICE!, small claims, trashy TV, cheap suit
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Comment count is 12
A friend of mine comes over to watch the hilariously-incompetent WWE RAW every Monday, and this is one of the shows we flick to during commercials. It is tremendous.

Fun fact about Street Court: it happens anywhere. College campuses, inside retail stores, on roofs, inside people's living rooms, etc. It rarely actually occurs on a street.
It's called street court because it follows the law of the street, not because it takes place on a street.

Personaly, I'd like to see "Sesame Street Court."

Also: How is this possibla? Is America actually this lazy about legal matters?

I'm all in favor of more third-party arbitration which helps to keep the court system from being clogged up by petty bullshit like this.

They start out as SC cases, afaik. Both parties agree to private arbitration, and if the plaintiff wins thy get paid by the producers. It's like a game show where the object is to not be a deadbeat.

SC being small claims and not supreme court. But it'd be great if it went superior > supreme > street

I would much rather have seen Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission be resolved in street court

Your Honor, I object to that hair.

Objection overrulled

Mike Tyson?!
No part 2?
it gets good in part 2. "he's a freak for shoes!"
(disregard the title)

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