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Desc:An average american gentleman tells you the virtues of his shemagh
Category:Fashion, Military
Tags:Redneck, white people, shemagh, Keffiyeh, derekgrebner87
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Comment count is 18
car-buyin' class? missed that understanding completely

oh and does it keeps neck from turning red?

5 for "ted nugent blood brothers"
It took me a while, but I believe it's "carbine class"

Right, because what does learning how to buy a car have to do with getting hit in the neck by brass?

damn yeah you're right, I need to take another redneck linguistics class

Oscar Wildcat
No doubt he has a matching burkha for his (ex) wife.
What about the Danger
How very clever! It will look wonderful with my pea-coat this winter!
I hope he got one for Stevie too.
More like "what's that gay hat you're wearin'?"
Look, the shemagh was born gay. There is no need to apologise.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
He gets points for not pronouncing "Arab" "Ay-rab."
I unironically think this guy is cool.
I could use one of these the next time I go to Vegas and go gun crazy. Does it come in hot pink?
http://www.amazon.com/Pink-Checkered-Scarf-Muffler-Shemagh/dp/B004 4M8TN0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1288388201&sr=8-3

Goofy Gorilla
I was looking into getting a Ghutra, because it is hot and sunny out where I live.
I read this as, "Redneck tells you about his Shmegma"
I was sort of relieved I was wrong.
But I still clicked Play.
This guy rules.
Robin Kestrel
The terrorists have won.
this guy sent me dick pics im not even lying.
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