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Artist:Ray Stevens
Desc:Other countries kill people entering their borders, why can't we???
Category:Music Videos, Country - Western - Folk
Tags:immigration, xenophobia, novelty song, This is what republicans actually believe
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Comment count is 11
Fived for evil.

Jesus Christ.
I saw this a while back and thought it would have already made its way here.
Swear to god, I double checked both sites.

But yeah, if it *is* on here, then it's pretty well hidden.

A "This is what republicans actually believe" tag would work.

This is what unskilled labor actually believes. If you are a small-business owner, the financial core of the GOP, you're all for immigration. Which is why we chose toothless gestures.

The left sided with capital in this argument. Cesar Chavez would hang his head...

I can never listen to "The Streaker" the same way again.
Testicles of Doom
Remember when Ray Stevens was just a fun loving hillbilly and not a redneck hatemonger?
This is amazing
The mariachi horn bit is so good.
Five for Republicans openly admiring repressive authoritarian regimes.
Ludo Smell Bad
five stars for the faggy new yorker yankee

also for "dedicated to the destruction of the american way of life"

last time we heard that was from the confederacy. just sayin.
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