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Desc:The F-word + random pop culture figures = HILARITY!!!1!1111eleven
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:shit, seltzer, disaster movie, Friedberg, crappy superfluous musical number
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Comment count is 20
Holy shit. I knew the "Scary Movie" films had descended into nothing but references without parody, but I didn't imagine it would be this literally.

Its one joke, ripped off from two sentences of a Jimmy Kimmel sketch, repeated for three and a half minutes by replacing names with random celebrities. No effort is put into music, costumes, acting or any originality. And this is the climax of the movie.

Frank Rizzo
you dont understand poetv is purpose. Heres a quick run down.

1) cats = auto 5
2) If the video is awesome, it gets 5 stars
3) If the video sucks, it gets 1...
4) ...but if its a special kind of suck... it gets 5 starred.

With 'suck's that are particularly dull and without merit or originality, its a toss-up between 1 and 5 stars. This one could go either way.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I voted this through so I could one star it.
ill never understand you Scrotum....why do you have to be hard like that?

More work was put into those subtitles than in writing the song.
Goes on way too long for a joke that's not even funny to begin with. Also, almost none of those characters are from disaster movies. These "Movie" Movie parodies are just really unfunny recaps of that year's films.

Truly a shit seltzer
M dollars, ladies and gentlemen!
Louis Armstrong
No! Stay with at least whats funny. Michael Jackson Fucks kids. STILL! the end.
I saw this in the hopper yesterday after watching all those invisible woman song covers. I had to go back and watch one of them after this to regain some clarity, and hope for humanity.

Funfact: the two douchebags responsible for these movies freely admit they write them after watching only upcoming trailers with the goal being to make the references as fresh as possible when the movie is released.

So yeah. It's impossible for them to be anything but references without parody.
Every single person who paid to see this movie, and enjoyed even a tiny part of it, deserves something especial.
I can't believe they cut a profit off of this garbage.
Everything about this movie is evil and needs to be rated as such.
This has no redeemable value for any aspect of it. This video is only worth more than one star if it doesn't exist at all.
5 for evil.

As for my yearly parody round-up, I'll stick with Weird Al's polka remixes.
This is the perfect example of what is wrong with these movies. All this is is a list of things and people basically going "Hey! Remember this thing? It exists! We know that it exists, and therefore it's hilarious!" That is not how comedy works, stop it Hollywood.
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