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Desc:Something about some hole in the ground somewhere that's apparently important.
Category:Horror, News & Politics
Tags:9/11, Tea Party, conservatives, GOP, amurica
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Comment count is 10
erratic - 2010-08-21
I don't think "political correctness" means what they think it means
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-08-22
Two weeks ago, the Republican voted down healthcare for the disabled 9/11 workers in order to maintain tax breaks for off shore multinationals. This week, they're wrapping themselves in that tattered flag yet again, and they're doing it for the same reason: tax breaks for rich motherfuckers. Whether it's anchor babies, gay marriages, tea baggers, the ground zero mosque, trotting out the flag burning amendment yet again, or whatever the shenanigans du jour, it's all about It's all about tax breaks for rich fucks.

Adham Nu'man - 2010-08-21
StanleyPain - 2010-08-21
first thing I thought of.

mashedtater - 2010-08-21
well they took a shitty country song and made it unbearable. kudos
Johnny Madhouse - 2010-08-21
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
memedumpster - 2010-08-21
Well, we finally live in RoboCop.
Adramelech - 2010-08-21
This is the kinda thing that makes me want to build a rocket and just launch myself into the vacuum of space.

Listen to those fucking vile lyrics while imagining the tens of thousands of people listening to this and nodding their heads.
Senator_Unger - 2010-08-21
Or build a rocket and launch *them* into the vacuum of space.

Bort - 2010-08-21
"What kind of fools do you think we are?" It's not that you're fools, it's that you're MORANS.
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