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Desc:Go get this game right now. So says Mr. Stewart.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:sandwich, deadly premonition, Agent Francis York Morgan
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Comment count is 15
Already me one sinner sandwich, good stuff indeed.
Well, I watched the Endurance Run of this a few months past, so I have no hands on feel for the controls, which I hear are awful. That said, everything I say in this game fascinated me. Even what I heard the controls were like sounded like some post-modern purposeful craziness. I can't wait to return to the states and pick up a copy soon.
The controls aren't that awful if you've ever played an original Resident Evil game. They're basically the same "human being as a tank" kind of controls that the first 3 or 4 games had. If I had to bitch about anything in the controls it's that the driving utterly sucks. Controlling cars and driving (which is a big part of the game) is not fun at all.
That said, it's a legitimately good game, I think, sillyness aside, and has some earnestly creepy moments. What tests your patience, though, is the glacial pace that the game sometimes moves at, and some of the more puzzle-y moments can be very annoying.

F...K...In the coffee. Thanks Zach

Twin Peaks, via Sims Movie Maker.
And in some cases animated by Dr. Legua

Innocent Bystander
Would you all please stop swinging back and forth!?
They are all hearing the theme song playing, and just move with the music.

Olivia thought Emily's "t-bone steak" order was fucking hilarious.
I'll have the weird face special with a side of repetitive stiff movement.
I always love it when the horrible animation tries to render York grinning. It looks like he doesn't know how to, which adds a lot of depth to his already psychotic character.
"I like the sandwich" theme music
Ever since I watched the first video of this I will occasionally get that whistling song stuck in my head, and it always takes me a while to remember what it's from.
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