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Artist:The Smiths
Category:Music Videos, Alternative Progressive Indie Art
Tags:80s, UK, william, Morrisey, smiths
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Comment count is 3
"some kind of subspecies"

I tried to tease out the meaning (and anger) there elsewhere, but got condemned for reprising someone else's words.

Fuck them.

Morissey happens to hate those among the Chinese who don't bother killing or stunning their animals before skinning them alive. So do I.

Its not a matter of race, but of culture. To the extent that there is a unified culture, the Chinese culture is the most openly indifferent to animal suffering.

There's a movie called "Earthlings". It features an episode with a large fox being restrained, and skinned alive. For aome minutes after having its skin removed it looks quite alert, with terror, at its malefactors. Turns out (from other sources) that this this practice of live skinning without euthanasia or any concern for the animal is very common in China.

I'm not saying that those of you eating poultry or eggs or pork are not guilty. But I believe that if you witnessed the normal conditions of your food (assuming its factory product) you'd be way more selective in where it came from. Watching the Chinese marketgoers laugh over the suffering skinned fox, I can only hope that sentiment is universal.
One of my reoccurring fantasies is that some sort of extra-terrestrial fox species shows up and goes OH SO YOU LIKE THAT HUH WELL HERE LET'S JUST SEE HOW YOU LIKE THIS

Also I apologize for necro on random video, sometimes I click to watch a video then the phone rings and I have to step away and come back 40 minutes later and forget I was watching a really old video that nobody cares about any more.

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