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Desc:The whole 20 minute pilot.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:David Cross, will arnett, Todd Margaret
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Comment count is 15
This is up on IFC's official YT channel, so unfortunately you will have to watch commercials about how bad meth is.
this is so phenomenally great... i need to see more. Btw that's spike jonze being fired by will arnett at the beginning, if you can't tell
Amber Tamblyn is also Cross' actual girlfriend. She should be appearing sporadically in the actual series as well.

oh duh.... arrggh so excited about this

"English women always give me the shits."

This looks like a re-shoot of the pilot as the season opener. The actual pilot was about 30x better - better pacing, better acting, better everything, particularly the scene where he ODs on Thundermuscle.

Oh, yeah, better music, too. I was really excited about this show after the pilot. Now I probably won't bother.

awww well you'll be sorely missed.

I have to respectfully disagree. The original Comedy Showcase version was good and funny, but the writing could have used a little more focus and speed to it. I like this new version's pace which seems to acknowledge where the jokes should end rather than stretching them out just too long. Everything seems more directed on less filler.

the new sarcastic brit is a better casting choice. I completely agree with stanley. You just saw something done in a different way and think you're already allowed to say "I LIKED THIS BEFORE THEY SOLD OUT." get a life.

more to the point though.... you really think cross can't pull this off? this is only going to get better.

Neither version is really perfect. I liked that taxi cab scene, but the differences in the new version don't make a huge difference in either direction.

Anyway, it looks solid, whichever version, though it has a couple things that bother me.

I think cross' character has a little bit more backbone in the new version, which i think will work in the show's favor in the long run.
I will say that the taxi scene with the guy who plays superhans didn't make it in, wishful thinking makes me think maybe they want to get him to play a bigger part.... but probably not.

*i will say i'm bummed that the taxi scene didn't make it*

is what i meant to write

wtf japan
Why does Arnett sound like Basil Fawlty trying to curse like an American? Otherwise, this shit is pretty fucking fantastic.
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