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Desc:God bless America. There doesn't seem to be a part 1.
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:dip, snuff, white people, tobacco, Copenhagen
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Resubmit:The Mothership

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Comment count is 25
kiint - 2008-11-05
it cuts off before the bit at the end where he pukes his guts out while simultaneously getting metastasizing oral cancer
baleen - 2008-11-05

You can see the nicotine coursing through his eyeballs. That is disgusting.

bacrie - 2008-11-05
jesus christ

1394 - 2008-11-05
Good job, POE. The first video that's nearly made me throw up.
Ageusiatic - 2008-11-05
I know that the only explanation for this is some sort of SFW fetish, but I just see a man with a mouth completely full of chewing tobacco with a serious-to-angry expression, and it just fills me with laughter. It's like those people who put billiard balls in their mouths.
mouser - 2008-11-05
Except this guy just lost his election.

The Townleybomb - 2008-11-05
Yeah, this is definitely a sex thing. Look at his favorites, they're all from the bizarro gay tobacco fetish genre.

Wombles - 2009-10-14
no no no no

Camonk - 2008-11-05
Truly the greatest American.
whensaidthemoon - 2008-11-05
Is that you, Joe?
fermun - 2008-11-05
I always found it kind of odd when people who fight cancer are called brave, as they didn't choose to have cancer. This man is truly brave, though. This man is staring cancer in the face and is not blinking.
The Townleybomb - 2008-11-05
Beyonce Knowles - 2008-11-05
God, has he got it smeared in his armpits as well?
kiint - 2008-11-05
the founding fathers used nicotine as a deoderant, it works quite effectively

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-11-05
Where's his confederate flag hanging on the wall?
chumbucket - 2008-11-05
I guess he ignored the slogan that "a pinch is all it takes"
Corman's Inferno - 2008-11-05
The Great Old Ones walk among us.
Randroid - 2008-11-05
The quintessential PoE submission, for a wide variety of reasons.
Umaro - 2008-11-05
WTF Did he smear it in his armpit too? Look!
The McK - 2008-11-05
No, don't speak. This is perfect. This is just perfect.
Burnov - 2008-11-05
Holy shit, since when did Chamillionaire get his skin bleached?
Sean Robinson - 2008-11-06
Hell is a room of total darkness and the sound of him breathing through that and nothing else.
UnderANeonHalo - 2008-11-07
Why yes, yes he did.

From the youtube description: "love that smell of fresh cope, makes the best deoderant(sic) too. Hell yeah, smell like a man"

Pit full of cope baby.
sparklefatty - 2010-05-23
Why do you think they call it dip?
Riskbreaker - 2011-11-10
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