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Desc:FOX news viewers are very afraid
Category:News & Politics
Tags:rally, Tea Party, obama, accent, MrTimotheus85
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Comment count is 32
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-09-29
Oh, I am fucking going!
Samisyosam - 2010-09-29
Damn right. I'm flying all the way out from the west coast just to be at this event. I'm so excited I might just lose bowel control. Again.

RockBolt - 2010-09-29
I'll be there too

anotherdeadhero - 2010-09-29
No motherfucker, they are going to entertain.
Cena_mark - 2010-09-29
While he is overly paranoid he does have a right to his suspicions. Steward and Colbert are quite liberal and Indecision 2008 was extremely biased in favor of Obama. That's when I stopped watching them.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-09-29
I think the message will not be pro-obama so much as pro-fuck glenn beck, and of course the tea party fears that. If a comparable number of people show up as those who came to see Glenn and Sarah, it's probably not going to change the outcome of the election, but it will change the narrative. What's at stake is their right to refer to themselves as "We the People". I'm going.

kwash - 2010-09-29
It's really nice when I see Cena Mark's name in the comments, because I know I can just skip past it and all the replies.

Xenocide - 2010-09-29
Indecision 2008 was extremely biased in favor of comedy. It's not their fault that McCain and Palin were so good at providing it.

baleen - 2010-09-29

You will never understand the world cenamark, no matter how many Christian missions you travel with.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-09-29
Cena Mark is the only conservative I have ever knowingly encountered on the whole fucking internet who will not automatically defend any idiot or lunatic or scumbag just because he or she is conservative. I have to give him some respect for that. I just have to.

SolRo - 2010-09-29
I wish I were colbert or stewart so i could revel in causing paranoia like this in the right.

Also, getting dumped early off your family's insurance is a sign of adulthood now? 'Kay...
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-09-29
I think it's a mistake to point to this guy as an example of "causing paranoia in the right". This guy is, first and foremost, paranoid. It's just incidental how it manifests itself. There's no politics in this video, just rage and fear, expressed incoherently, the same epithets repeated over and over. This guy is an example of mental illness, nothing more.

Kilo147 - 2010-09-29
Where's the Restore Riker's Beard rally? Regardless, this is going to be amazing, if only for the leadup and freakout of the far right if and when this outpaces the Glenn Beck rally
IrishWhiskey - 2010-09-29
Pro-healthcare, immigration reform, and Obama rallies have been routinely outnumbered tea party rallies by wide margins. The far-right deals with this as they do with most facts; by ignoring it.

While this rally might actually get some media attention (with the media ignoring all liberal rallies, and covering conservative ones only for entertainment and because Fox News is doing it), I doubt it'll have any effect on the Glenn Beck crown except to further mock the concept of satire as effective political discourse.

Kilo147 - 2010-10-01
Although Beck has admitted that his character is an act. Like how Riker is an act of Jonathan "Riker" Frakes. As Beck himself said "I could give a flying crap about the political process." So what I'm saying is that the real Glenn Beck is to TV Glenn Beck as Jonathan Frakes is to William Thomas Riker.

Kilo147 - 2010-10-01
And I guess the Tea Party is to Beck as Thomas Riker is to William Thomas Riker.

Caminante Nocturno - 2010-09-29
Is he afraid that Beck and Palin will stop taking his money and pretending he matters because of this?
Meerkat - 2010-09-29
Stewart and Colbert never have anything negative to say about the current administration. If they were true patriots they would point out several made-up words that Obama's name sounds like.
Rudy - 2010-09-29


kingarthur - 2010-09-29
He proved his intelligence when he started bringing up examples from original programming on the Sci-Fi Channel.
jangbones - 2010-09-29
I'm going.

I'm also certain that Fox or O'Keefe or some other part of the Republicans' PR arm is planning some kind of prank or hit piece or something to try to cast a negative light on all of the attendees. "A bunch of potheads" perhaps? "Look at all the trash...so hypocritical about the environment." Something like that.
phalsebob - 2010-09-29
They are the Boris and Bela of comedy? Like you mean masters of?
MongoMcMichael - 2010-09-29
I think he's saying that they're really, really good at what they do, which is a high compliment! This video is satire.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-09-30
This guy is the Dwight Frye of Conservative Vlogging.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-09-30
This is what you call "A cry for help."

He knows how to push my Internet Forum buttons. I keep wanting to zing him, but he's seriously crazy, and too sad to mock. In the truest, most sincere sense, I pity this man. This guy has been posting from this account for 8 months, and he's about to post his 900th video. That's three a day. Most of his stuff gets 40 or 50 views. He made at least three other videos about this rally, and the one I heard (at least as long as I listened) was nearly exactly the same thing, the Boris and Bela reference over and over. Never really explaining why he thinks this is so funny, or so devastating, or so whatever he thinks it is. Does he ever explain which is which? Wasn't this guy banned from Sarah Palin's website for racist posts? That's pretty crazy.

Hailey2006 - 2010-09-30
Even the Palinites hate this guy! Poor fellow, he just wants some love!

Hailey2006 - 2010-09-30
These are the same people who call Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, "The Three Stooges" to make them look like idiots, not realizing that people like The Three Stooges, because they're cool and funny!

pineapplejuicer - 2010-09-29
i will be there as well, and i love that they're holding it on mischief night. i'm also really hoping that the 30% or whatever it was of colbert's viewers who didn't know he was kidding show up.
TeenerTot - 2010-09-29
I want to go. I should go. If I could afford it. Which I can't.

Toenails - 2010-09-29
I think Mr. Donovan is actually miffed at the "Restoring Sanity" title itself. This man has been so far from sanity for so long that it's now downright offensive to him.

Not going, but I really want to go. Especially would have liked be part of the "March to Keep Fear Alive" so I could dress up like a teabagger and act like fucking cartoon.

If any of you guys want to make posters, I had a couple ideas:



Hailey2006 - 2010-09-29
For some odd reason, this video is pouplar in Egypt
Sphinx - 2010-09-30
I told all my friends. Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure are huge fans of Colbert and Stewart.

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